Definition of butcher's broom in US English:

butcher's broom


  • A low evergreen Eurasian shrub of the lily family, with flat shoots that give the appearance of stiff spine-tipped leaves.

    Ruscus aculeatus, family Liliaceae

    • ‘Because butcher's broom is a late bloomer, FitzGerald had to wait until December to begin collecting.’
    • ‘Its formula of butcher's broom, organic birch leaves and organic rosemary help promote circulation to your problem areas.’
    • ‘In this study, using a butcher's broom / sweet clover cream, the swelling of the injured leg measured against the uninjured leg was significantly reduced.’
    • ‘For people fighting autoimmune challenges stemming from the intestines, he recommends digestive enzymes, glutamine, and herbs such as horse chestnut seed, grape seed extract and butcher's broom.’
    • ‘As she leaves, FitzGerald says thank-you to the butcher's broom for giving up its berries, knowing that if it ever goes extinct, she and the seed bank may be able to return the favor.’