Definition of butcher's block in English:

butcher's block


  • 1A sturdy wooden kitchen table with a square top on which food may be chopped.

    • ‘Bowls of chitterlings and kidneys glisten on a butcher's block.’
    • ‘School cupboards and butcher's blocks are also very popular and retain their presence and usefulness in the most orderly kitchen.’
    • ‘He perched himself on the corner of a coffee table that resembled a butcher's block, but for magazine cuttings, and started to roll one of his cigarettes.’
    • ‘A water buffalo and a cow proved unwilling to be sacrificial animals and fled from the butcher's block, sparking confusion among locals.’
    • ‘I told myself I was dreaming as they carried me to the butcher's block in the centre of town.’
    • ‘The building, a mere butcher's block from Smithfield meat market, was half Georgian townhouse and half old smokehouse, the last smoking having taken place in 1967.’
    • ‘At the butcher's block in the middle of the kitchen, Jo Fairley is pouring a gleaming dark brown liquid into a baking dish.’
    • ‘The pigs have been training extra hard for the event and may just escape the butcher's block if they impress.’
    • ‘The kitchen has its own butcher's block and there is an attractive pebble garden with tropical plants.’
    • ‘My beautiful son's body had been violated and treated like a slab of meat on a butcher's block, even though in life he had violated his own body with drugs.’
    • ‘There was a butcher's block, with knives hanging from a rack above it.’
    • ‘The seats are steeply raked and we look down at the operating table, a slab of wood like a butcher's block.’
    • ‘The two boys were observed spearing and cutting raw chickens on to skewers and cleaning the butcher's block and floor by an environmental health officer from Spelthorne Borough Council last October.’
    • ‘Chaos reigns while the owners of the obstreperous bird are called, and an unlikely friendship is forged as Ross and Katie decide that it must be preserved from the butcher's block.’
    • ‘The critics went for it like meat cleavers on a butcher's block.’
    • ‘He held the glass out to her and she took a grateful sip, putting the paper bag she'd carried back from the local shops on the small butcher's block that graced the middle of their kitchen.’
    • ‘Maria didn't have the heart to tell her daughter that the rabbits were more likely to see the butcher's block instead of escaping in the night.’
    • ‘There are a Belfast sink, range-style gas cooker, twin painted dressers and a butcher's block island unit.’
    • ‘The butcher's block, which Keogh plans to buy for her new home in Carrickmines, will provide her with more flexibility and space to work.’
    • ‘Morocco reveals itself in many ways; curvaceous sand dunes, tiny cove in the walled market place painted with fresh blood from a butcher's block, the weathered lines of an old woman's face.’
    1. 1.1North American A material used to make kitchen countertops and tables, consisting of strips of hardwood glued together.
      ‘a slab of butcher block’
      [as modifier] ‘a butcher-block table’


butcher's block

/ˈbo͝oCHərz ˌbläk/