Definition of butanol in US English:



  • Each of two isomeric liquid alcohols used as solvents; butyl alcohol.

    Chemical formula: CH₃CH₂CH₂CH₂OH (1-butanol, butan-1-ol) and CH₃CH₂CH(OH)CH₃ (2-butanol, butan-2-ol)

    • ‘Butyl acetate, butanol, hexyl acetate, and hexanol present in whole fruit were analysed by grinding 250 g of melon flesh in liquid nitrogen.’
    • ‘It has been recently shown that fusel alcohols, notably butanol, induce filamentous growth in haploid cells on both solid and liquid media.’
    • ‘Digestion products were loaded on silica gel TLC, developed in butanol: acetic acid: water and stained with thymol - H 2 SO 4.’
    • ‘However, the company admits that three chemicals capable of causing cancer - ammonia, nitrous oxide and butanol - exist in levels exceeding occupation exposure limits.’
    • ‘Recent work in our laboratory has explored the clustering behaviour of organic polar solvents such as methanol, 6 ethanol and butanol.’