Definition of businesswoman in English:



  • 1A woman who works in business or commerce, especially at an executive level.

    • ‘Recently, these businesswomen and their center were featured on several Milwaukee radio and television stations.’
    • ‘‘Theresa is a very determined person, a committed, energetic and highly motivated businesswoman who loves Russia and Russian art,’ Doletskaya said.’
    • ‘Evanovich doesn't seem to see the ‘working writer’ as an artiste, but as a businesswoman.’
    • ‘Mind you, Flanagan finds Stewart to be ‘the most unpleasant person on television’, so she's not defending her love for the domestic businesswoman.’
    • ‘At a dinner in Managua in the mid-1980s, I sat next to a British businesswoman who had lived comfortably in Nicaragua for decades.’
    • ‘To help Afghan women take advantage of new freedoms and economic opportunities, one Phoenix-area businesswomen has started up this useful initiative.’
    • ‘Several figures, including a businesswoman, a grandmother, and a child, ascend the 80-foot-pole.’
    • ‘Jenny aspires to become a professional businesswoman just like the executives she encounters at Jones and Smith.’
    • ‘And that's where our future politicians, lawyers, jurists, and businesswomen are being educated.’
    • ‘But Martha, even before the trial, came to be known as a tough, demanding, ruthless businesswoman who didn't suffer fools and wasn't particularly cuddly.’
    • ‘Some dressed like businesswomen and wore winter scarves in May.’
    • ‘They're businesswomen who are highly involved in career and marketplace and who are also wearing the hats of mom and wife.’
    • ‘These passages reveal Keckley's self-presentation as a businesswoman willing to follow the rules governing the marketplace, even if those rules once defined her as chattel or are unjust.’
    • ‘The girl appears to be trying to approach the businesswoman and is either being held back or encouraged to proceed by the other woman - possibly her mother.’
    • ‘She's the TV news journalist and host, radio personality, producer and businesswoman.’
    • ‘But it worked for one North Hollywood homeowner, who decided: ‘She's a businesswoman, not a politician.’’
    • ‘She's a TV personality, singer, songwriter, actress, businesswoman.’
    • ‘She was also tabbed as one of Canada's top businesswomen by the National Post earlier this year.’
    • ‘And in Washington, the famed make-up artist and businesswoman Trish McEvoy.’
    • ‘For example, a Chinese businesswoman named Liu Chaoying dreamed of having her company listed on a U.S. stock exchange.’
    entrepreneur, business person, industrialist, manufacturer, tycoon, magnate, big businessman, employer
    dealer, trader, merchant, wholesaler, buyer, seller, buyer and seller, marketeer, merchandiser, broker, agent, distributor, vendor, tradesman, shopkeeper, retailer, purveyor, supplier, trafficker
    homme d'affaires
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    1. 1.1[with adjective]A woman with a specified level of skill in financial affairs.
      ‘she has become quite the savvy businesswoman’
      • ‘Oh, it was fine for the other girls to debase themselves, but you need to understand that she is a prestigious businesswoman, and the wearing of mascot suits is just not something she feels comfortable with.’
      • ‘In a league of her own, the savvy businesswoman is a self-made franchise.’
      • ‘People close to Conseco say that to justify Hilbert's transfer of his assets to Tomisue, he is portraying his wife as a savvy businesswoman.’
      • ‘Sasha is presented as a sharp businesswoman, but she is unbelievably foolish in her affairs.’
      • ‘She was a savvy businesswoman who would scrimp and save money in any way possible and then pour uncountable dividends into the comfort and happiness of her beloved Reds.’
      • ‘And a lawyer for Tomisue, Linda L. Pence, says that ‘Tomisue has been a very smart, astute businesswoman for some time.’’
      • ‘She was a businesswoman, balancing relationships, negotiations, interpersonal skills, all of that.’
      • ‘I was just wondering, first of all, I'd like to say that I think you're a loving mother, caring wife and just a shrewd businesswoman.’
      • ‘Starring the winning Karen Peakes as the irrepressible Dawn, the play focuses on her journey from socially inept chorus girl to savvy businesswoman.’
      • ‘I do not want to lose my emotion, because that is what makes me unique, that removes me from the hard-core businesswoman.’