Definition of business process re-engineering in US English:

business process re-engineering

(also BPR)


  • The process or activity of restructuring a company's organization and methods, especially to exploit the capabilities of computers.

    • ‘In spite of this, reengineering created renewed interest in business process redesign, making it the most widely practiced form of organizational development in the year 2000.’
    • ‘Taylor's influence is also seen in more recent developments such as ‘total quality management’, ‘just-in-time production’, and business process re-engineering.’
    • ‘Table 9.3 summarizes the main differences between organizational learning and business process re-engineering.’
    • ‘The concept of business process re-engineering is currently popular and based on organizing the activities of a company around processes that create value as perceived by customers.’
    • ‘In the early 1990s, business process reengineering replaced total quality management as the predominant school of thought regarding business process redesign.’