Definition of business hours in US English:

business hours

plural noun

  • another term for office hours
    • ‘Information such as business hours, clientele, neighbourhood and jobs involved is important to those Council officers who are being asked to grant a licence.’
    • ‘To make life easier for customers the brothers also offer a full pick up and drop off vehicle service - especially handy for people who work long hours or have little time off during business hours.’
    • ‘With 70 car slots available, around 1,400 cars can be parked during business hours.’
    • ‘The business hours part seems to be the sticking point - we hear from people who want to volunteer but only when we aren't actually in the office.’
    • ‘He said the hospital was still noticing an increase in the proportion of category four and five patients who turned up in accident and emergency - often in general business hours.’
    • ‘As data volumes grow, nightly backup procedures have to expand until critical applications become unavailable during business hours.’
    • ‘After business hours, late in the night, it is time for many things and persons to arrive - stocks, water lorries and garbage cleaners!’
    • ‘To order with a credit card, call 3 during regular business hours.’
    • ‘West Vancouver is currently the only municipality in British Columbia that has restrictions on business hours, according to chamber members.’
    • ‘Doors and windows are not allowed to be locked during business hours, which should be earlier than 12: 00 am.’
    • ‘However, some roads will also be closed during business hours on Sunday, July 13 and Wednesday, July 16.’
    • ‘So a regular 10-15 minute appointment, during business hours, costs me a minimum of $45.’
    • ‘During the course of the work, pedestrian access in these areas will, although available, be limited during business hours.’
    • ‘Assuring me that he can be found in Village One during business hours, Koelewijn also suggested that students can speak to either of the two head chefs about their concerns.’
    • ‘Persons repeatedly phoned and visited his home outside business hours seeking his assistance with processing their applications for housing loans.’
    • ‘Being only eight, I wasn't much for professional business hours - whenever I had a craving for a hot dog, or shade, off I'd go.’
    • ‘I have copy editing during business hours, but if I'm filing something in the evening or on the weekend, no, I just post it directly to the Internet.’
    • ‘There are also banks which shorten their business hours during holidays according to ‘international practice’.’
    • ‘Most of the staff and employees were still attending the routine briefing ahead of business hours, she explained, escorting us to our table.’
    • ‘Twenty extra staff have been recruited and trained to provide the longer opening hours - 700 extra business hours a week - to offer an improved service to passengers.’


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