Definition of bushy in English:



  • 1Growing thickly into or so as to resemble a bush.

    ‘a dense, bushy plant’
    ‘his eyebrows were thick and bushy’
    • ‘Plants are bushy, so space seedlings at least a foot apart.’
    • ‘It's a bushy plant that has very disease-resistant dark green foliage.’
    • ‘Lablab comes in two main forms: a bushy plant, or one which grows like a vine.’
    • ‘These are bushy, vigorous plants with deciduous leaves of deep green.’
    • ‘Once plants are bushy, these stakes are difficult to install without damaging foliage.’
    • ‘Grass is a plant that grows thick and bushy when healthy.’
    • ‘Anyway, we have this drive from our place to the street, and along it grows this bushy hedge thing.’
    • ‘If the plant is too bushy, the inner leaves do not get sun and air circulation, making it an easy target for plant disease.’
    • ‘By spring they will have produced bushy plants ready to carry on throughout the summer.’
    • ‘They grow big and bushy very quickly, therefore making the garden look full and well established.’
    • ‘He wore an ill-fitting gray suit, and had long, bushy sideburns that grew into his mustache.’
    • ‘The bushy plants are maintained at a height of six to eight feet.’
    • ‘It consisted of three large bushy plants and half a dozen smaller individuals.’
    • ‘It's extremely slow-growing, making a small bushy plant.’
    • ‘They are thriving, healthy and bushy and have grown to about 6-7ft tall, and still show no sign of flowering.’
    • ‘Depending on variety, schizanthus will grow from 1-2 feet in height, forming a neat, bushy type plant.’
    • ‘During the voyage most of the prisoners had grown quite bushy beards.’
    • ‘These small, bushy plants literally bloom nonstop with an extraordinary abundance of petite flowers.’
    • ‘Full sun encourages a full, bushy plant and the best blooms.’
    • ‘It grows upright and bushy on strong stems with dense, long-lasting foliage.’
    thick, shaggy, unruly, fuzzy, rough, bristling, bristly, fluffy, woolly, luxuriant, exuberant, spreading
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  • 2Covered with bush or bushes.

    ‘bushy desert areas’
    • ‘At Dorking Road, the bushy area ends.’
    • ‘What a jaguar needs to survive in the rainforest of Belize, for instance, may be different from what it needs in the dry, open, bushy Sonora area of Mexico.’
    • ‘My motor vehicle had a puncture at the corner of Pell Street and Beaconhurst Drive and as it was getting dark I was extremely worried as the area is bushy and unsafe.’
    • ‘The Mt Keira tram way line passed directly through this bushy area.’
    • ‘Her theme is her environment in the rural Kidds Beach area, the mat of undergrowth in the bushy Eastern Cape forests and her deep love for this.’
    • ‘I stare down into valley, whose steep contours are covered with bushy, broccoli-like clumps of kiewe (mesquite).’
    • ‘For long-distance training, they run in a bushy area about 6km from the school and sometimes train along the beach.’
    • ‘It is so dense growing that it can make a bushy ground cover, great looking as well as saving work by smothering weeds.’