Definition of bushing in English:



  • 1A metal lining for a round hole, especially one in which an axle revolves.

    • ‘In one assembly, a metal disc is mounted to rotate from a motor drive shaft in a cylinder block and in contact with calibrated sample support bushings biased to contact upper and lower surfaces of the disc.’
    • ‘‘If I was to sell metal bushings or ball bearings, it might not be so exciting,’ intones Barry.’
    • ‘In this case, older is better, because newer products use application-specific pots in terms of bushing, shaft and knob dimensions.’
    • ‘However, engine failures due to powderized connecting rod bushings on about 2.5% of the Vipers in Switzerland suggest different conclusions.’
    • ‘In use, the bushing is seated within the through hole of the fixation device at a selected angle and the fastening screw is inserted through the bore of the bushing such that its head fits in the bushing and its shaft is threaded into bone.’
    1. 1.1 A bearing for a revolving shaft.
      • ‘Bearing play concerns have been alleviated with the much-increased bushing sizes.’
      • ‘The slope board features heat-treated, wear-resistant pins and bushings at all pivot points.’
      • ‘Other aluminum bearing applications are in heavy tooling, such as boring mills, presses, lathes, milling machines, and grinding mills, and as hydraulic pump bushings.’
      • ‘He also notes that in the lower racing series like showroom stock, a lot of durability issues are resolved on systems like brakes, bearings and bushings.’
      • ‘The bearings for lower shaft consist of solid bushings fastened into trunnion, and are provided with oil-chamber and capillary felt, making them practically self-oiling and dust-proof.’
  • 2A sleeve that and protects an electric cable where it passes through a panel.

    • ‘BII also supply parts for miscellaneous components, including bearings, bushings and retainers, electrical and electronic components, fasteners and hardware and hydraulics.’
    • ‘The upper control arms are carried over from Explorer while the lower control arms are cast aluminum and attach to the chassis with larger bushings.’
    • ‘Between the hangar and the baseplate are two bushings (sometimes called grommets).’
    • ‘For the government model they even make the grip screws and the bushings to hold them.’
    • ‘So the stress from the trailer goes just to the rear axle and the bolts and rubber bushings that connect the axle to sheet metal floor instead of a frame.’