Definition of bush telegraph in US English:

bush telegraph


  • A rapid informal network by which information or gossip is spread.

    ‘the bush telegraph is one of the few things that works efficiently in Yangton’
    • ‘The industry's bush telegraph often gives competitors several month's warning of a launch.’
    • ‘The industry bush telegraph is predicting more job cuts at Ericsson ahead of its Q1 earning figures on Friday.’
    • ‘The jazz bush telegraph has ensured that audiences for jazz in Howden are continuing to grow, with people travelling from Leeds, Scarborough, York and Hull.’
    • ‘If a web site changes, but the change is not immediately visible, then any consequence is dependent on the web bush telegraph slowly widening the knowledge base.’
    • ‘Then we heard on the bush telegraph that some new people had taken over - a Scotsman, who had learned his skills as a chef all over the world, and his wife were now serving up some tasty treats at Colton.’
    • ‘Rumours merely coursed through the international reporters' bush telegraph.’
    • ‘Distortions on the bush telegraph begin, via the Chinese whispers effect.’
    • ‘The bush telegraph has never made so much money; telecomms deregulation has no effect on volume business.’
    • ‘Given the nature of the Aboriginal bush telegraph, and the fact that a lot of station hands were supposedly involved, it seems improbable that nothing ever leaked out over the years concerning the supposed murders.’
    • ‘He reckons the bush telegraph would soon get the others to slow down.’
    system, complex, interconnected structure, interconnected system, complex arrangement, complex system, nexus, web
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bush telegraph

/bo͝oSH ˈteləˌɡraf//bʊʃ ˈtɛləˌɡræf/