Definition of bush pilot in US English:

bush pilot


  • A person who flies small aircraft into remote areas.

    • ‘Most pilot fatalities come from general aviation; bush pilots, air-taxi pilots, and crop-dusters die at a far higher rate than airline pilots.’
    • ‘This is the kind of weather that causes multiple-day delays for bush pilots and trekkers.’
    • ‘In 1948, the Air Force officially dedicated the installation and named it in honor of Col. Carl Ben Eielson, Alaska's pioneer bush pilot.’
    • ‘Descending into camp, the bush pilot spotted a flattened tent, and a large grizzly on top of what looked like a human body.’
    • ‘A chance remark by a bush pilot who had seen some arrowheads led Hopkins to Trail Creek, in the remote Seward Peninsula.’
    • ‘Bailey Lockhart is a bush pilot, pitting her wits against the wilderness and against the various frustrated men who set their sights on her.’
    • ‘Lance had flown in for the evening, as had bush pilot, hunting guide, and camp head Jamie Wilson and his hunting partner, Derek Littleton.’
    • ‘In fact so bad were the fires, the bush pilots often had difficulty finding the scrub airfield.’
    • ‘Being a bush pilot and flying businessmen and hunters around the Northwest left a good amount of time for a side business of leatherwork.’
    • ‘Founder Noel Wien was a true pioneering Alaskan bush pilot about which many incredible stories have been told.’
    • ‘All of us are former bush pilots and many of us flew the Canso fire bombers.’
    • ‘Deluce's father, Stanley, a bush pilot, founded the Timmins-based White River Air, which acquired Austin Airways in 1974 and later took over London-based Air Ontario in 1981.’
    • ‘Pack the family car or four-wheel drive, head for your nearest travel agent, book a package by train, plane or bus, even thumb a ride with a friendly bush pilot or perhaps saddle up a camel.’
    • ‘Imagine that you are a South African bush pilot.’
    • ‘I was told that Wiley Hart is the best bush pilot in Alaska and that's who I want.’
    • ‘Now I waited for my bush pilot, who was scheduled to ferry me even farther north to the edge of the Beaufort Sea to meet up with my backpacking partners.’
    • ‘Even the only steady job the man's ever had reflects his need to be moving - he was a bush pilot, flying supplies and people in and out of civilization in Northern Quebec.’
    • ‘Most bush pilots recommend leaving cowl flaps closed in bitterly cold weather, especially during the warm-up.’
    • ‘A capable airplane, this darling of bush pilots was soon employed in an unusual academic research program in the early 1950s.’