Definition of bush in English:



  • 1A shrub or clump of shrubs with stems of moderate length.

    ‘a rose bush’
    ‘the plant will develop into a dense bush’
    • ‘They are more than just dense clumps of various kinds of trees, creepers, grasses, bushes, shrubs and twining creepers.’
    • ‘This plant is one of the showiest dwarf evergreens, forming dense bushes of wiry stems.’
    • ‘My anvil pruning shears will prune the bushes and shrubs only.’
    • ‘The trees, bushes and shrubs are as green as anything.’
    • ‘Ralier turned and saw Nyowan picking her way through a dense clump of bushes.’
    • ‘It exhibits every aspect of Dutch horticulture, from vegetables and fruit, to bulbs, flowers and plants to trees, bushes and shrubs.’
    • ‘Trees, shrubs, bushes and flowering plants were being planted on the graves.’
    • ‘Mr Konemann planted bushes and shrubs to keep vandals and people with dogs out of the council-owned grounds.’
    • ‘The whole park was surrounded by tall green trees and shrubs, and flower bushes of many kinds.’
    • ‘It is okay applied to orchard crops, vines and berry bushes and non-food-bearing shrubs and trees.’
    • ‘Planting prickly bushes or shrubs in borders and by fences will deter burglars thinking of climbing in your garden’
    • ‘He led Jessica around trees, bushes, shrubs, and an empty cement pool that was at least twelve feet deep.’
    • ‘I follow the paths in the dense undergrowth leading into bushes or spaces under trees hidden from view, particularly in the heavy growth of summer.’
    • ‘She inhaled deeply and then proceeded to go about picking other flowers from other bushes and shrubs.’
    • ‘They want to see the pretty pastel buildings contrast with flowering shrubs and bushes, and a pretty beach.’
    • ‘Fruiting trees, bushes, and vines provide snacks for you and the birds and for your neighbors.’
    • ‘These color treatments enhance landscaping and blend naturally with trees, shrubs and bushes.’
    • ‘He drove the party through the grounds, sometimes over clumps of bush and through shrubbery as he lost the way in his excitement.’
    • ‘The occupants of a house with a large garden found the body of former nurse Mrs Paines hidden in bushes and dense undergrowth at the far end of their property.’
    • ‘Low shrubbery, especially berry bushes that also provide a food source, makes an effective shelter.’
    shrub, woody plant
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  • 2the bush(especially in Australia, Africa, and Canada) wild or uncultivated country.

    ‘they have to spend a night camping in the bush’
    • ‘They go and plant some trees outside, while meanwhile they rip out all the bush in Western Australia and leave behind devastation.’
    • ‘He worked in the bush on the same forestry crew as me.’
    • ‘It's quite exciting, that mix of the city life and not having to go very far to get into the real sort of wild bush.’
    • ‘If we didn't the countryside and the bush wouldn't be so green and lush.’
    • ‘Much of it is still largely untouched bush, rivers and wild coasts.’
    • ‘Then I'd like to go back to South Africa, to the bush, to shoot wildlife.’
    • ‘They had reserves of food, they travelled huge distances in search of food, work or charity, and above all they gathered wild food from the bush.’
    • ‘Two weeks on, Australia's bush blazes still show no sign of abating.’
    • ‘The mission is to keep the bush roads of Central Australia serviceable throughout the year.’
    • ‘It is perfectly safe to camp in the bush but you should always ensure that your tent is properly closed when you go to sleep.’
    • ‘You can crank up the thrill factor by sleeping under canvas, with the wild sounds of the bush pressing in through the walls of your tent.’
    • ‘Much easier to think of her sipping espressos in the cafes of Rome, than camping in the bush.’
    • ‘The wilds of the Australian bush became a character in its own right, and it's hard to mess up such beautiful scenery.’
    • ‘In Australian literature, the bush is usually more than a backdrop.’
    • ‘Nobody in regional Australia or the bush will ever trust the Nationals again.’
    • ‘I started to run along the path, thinking that I'd not help matters if I sprained my ankle but not wanting to get stuck in the bush when darkness fell.’
    • ‘On most indications that is a job description which wouldn't find many takers in the bush across northern Australia.’
    • ‘Like most country football clubs, deep in the sometimes foreboding bush of Australia, the combatants play hard on and off the field.’
    • ‘Its popularity quickly spread, capturing the imagination of Australians both in the bush and throughout the colony.’
    • ‘This vegetation, particularly on the continental islands, shares many similarities with the bush of the Australian mainland.’
    wilds, remote areas, wilderness
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    1. 2.1 Vegetation growing in the bush.
      ‘the lowland country was covered in thick bush’
      • ‘So are many of these bush foods difficult to grow?’
      • ‘For day after day south of Marzuk we saw nothing but stony wastes and sand dunes with never a blade of grass or bush to relieve the aridity.’
      • ‘Thousands of hectares of bush and vegetation were destroyed.’
      • ‘Today, it is largely covered in regenerated bush, with a thriving population of tuatara in hillside burrows.’
      • ‘The Bush Firewise guide provides a useful checklist for preparing your property for bush and grass fires.’
      • ‘They require thick bush cover, water for drinking and bathing, and short grass to eat.’
      • ‘It's quite stunning actually, a natural amphitheatre surrounded by hills and mountains covered in bush.’
      • ‘The highway then drops down to pass through the Glenhope district and through bush alongside the Hope River to Kawatiri Junction.’
      • ‘You can walk down through the bush to the foreshore.’
      • ‘The mountain slopes that had been stripped were covered in bush and vines.’
      • ‘The greying greenery of the landscape shows that the past summer brought adequate rainfall, particularly for grass and small bush vegetation.’
      • ‘Failure of regular vegetation control caused Ocean Way to be partly covered by overgrowth of bush on the sea side of the road, causing a danger to road users.’
      • ‘When I visited the remains of my family home a couple of years ago, I found only ruins amid grass and bush.’
      • ‘The day was a success because the bear stayed in the bush and timber, he said.’
      • ‘Not requiring long grass or thick bush for cover, their methods are those of a courser, relying on speed and dogged endurance in the chase.’
      • ‘Where these trees are growing in natural bush, the fleshy fruit is a favourite with both vervet monkeys and the rarer samango monkeys.’
      • ‘The country's vegetation varies with trees and thick bush in the south and near-desert conditions in the north.’
  • 3A luxuriant growth of thick hair or fur.

    ‘a childish face with a bush of bright hair’
    • ‘He has the sparse hairs of a soul patch below his lip and a tiny bush of a beard on his chin.’
    • ‘I peaked through the door and saw her bush of hair shake into a nervous nod, I saw that about two inches from her was Derek, holding an black gun right at her.’
    • ‘A pair of short tooth-like horns poked from a bush of curly hair that topped the faun's clever-looking face.’
    • ‘When the bus departed I saw that in the meantime, the old man had been joined by a little boy of very dark complexion, but with a bush of reddish hair.’
    • ‘As we finally entered the ward, the first person I saw was a tall girl topped with a bush of thick dyed black curls.’
    1. 3.1vulgar slang A woman's pubic hair.




  • Spread out into a thick clump.

    ‘her hair bushed out like a halo’
    • ‘He ran his fingers through the gray bushing up from his scalp.’
    • ‘She bushed a stray lock of long, coal-black hair behind one ear and extended her right hand.’
    • ‘He stroked his beard, grinning to himself, his parents wouldn't recognise him with the fiery red beard already bushing aggressively from his jaw.’
    • ‘She bushed up to almost twice her size, put her ears back flat against her skull, and hissed like an over-heated radiator.’
    • ‘The cherry tree bushed out so much that it produced very little fruit, but the foliage itself had a pleasing abundance to it.’
    • ‘At one point I had to adjust the crotch of her leotard very carefully because some pubic hair was bushing out.’
    • ‘‘The silly thing is they have cut the crown of the trees so they won't grow tall but will bush out,’ Mr Kenzler said.’
    • ‘The more water it receives, the more it will grow and bush out.’
    • ‘Then, I pulled my hair into a knot without bushing it and went downstairs.’
    • ‘He looks like a damn pirate, with his hair and beard bushing around his face like that.’
    • ‘Their tousled hair bushes out at the nape in the manner of Perugino.’


Middle English: from Old French bos, bosc, variants of bois wood reinforced by Old Norse buski, of Germanic origin and related to obsolete Dutch bosch (now bos) and German Busch. The sense uncultivated country is probably directly from Dutch bos.