Definition of busbar in US English:


(also bus bar)


  • A system of electrical conductors in a generating or receiving station on which power is concentrated for distribution.

    • ‘As a result, there is no guarantee that any particular kw will actually reach a given facility's busbar.’
    • ‘To biamp the Z800Fs the busbars would be removed and two amplifiers would be connected, one on each set of inputs.’
    • ‘Based on the tariff formula in the PPA, it may be conservatively estimated that the average cost of power from the Maheshwar project will be around Rs.4 to Rs.5 per kWh at busbar and the cost of peaking power will be much higher.’
    • ‘The electrical connector housing contains a power distributor panel including a printed circuit board, one face of which carries conductors and semiconductor switching elements and the other face of which is adhered with a busbar.’