Definition of burster in English:



  • 1A thing that bursts, in particular.

    • ‘They built up whole orchestras of crackers, roarers, bubblers, thunderers and bursters.’
    • ‘As for the square-wave burster, there is a regime where the spike-generating dynamics is bistable; a limit cycle and a fixed point coexist.’
    • ‘Interestingly, we were able to convert fast bursters and spikers to medium bursters by adding an inward, voltage-dependent conductance, as suggested by previous mathematical modeling.’
    • ‘‘Sometimes we have to be the bubble burster,’ he adds dryly.’
    • ‘Because of the electrical coupling between the anterior burster pacemaker neuron and the two PD neurons, we will consider them as a single functional unit called the AB / PD complex.’
    • ‘X-ray bursters are a class of binary stars which have periodic outbursts luminous in X-rays.’
    • ‘Since our phase resetting methods apply only to endogenous bursters, we constructed the simplest possible pattern generating circuit that is composed only of endogenous bursters and contains a biological neuron.’
    • ‘The DB mustard gas blister agent is added and the burster well is then press-fit into the fuze adapter followed by the M5 tetrytol burster being installed into the burster well.’
    1. 1.1Astronomy A cosmic source of powerful short-lived bursts of X-rays or other radiation.
      • ‘No gamma-ray burster has ever been identified with a supernova before.’
      • ‘Since 1993, two populations of gamma-ray bursters have been recognized, each with largely different spectra.’
      • ‘There is some speculation that gamma-ray bursters release the greatest amounts of energy since the Big Bang.’
      • ‘The launch date for NASA's Swift satellite - designed to detect and analyse gamma ray bursters - has been delayed thanks to a faulty third stage rocket on an unrelated launch.’
      • ‘‘For a few hundredths of a second, gamma-ray bursters produce the most extreme flash of any astronomical object,’ says Bruce Grossan of the Physics Division.’
    2. 1.2A violent gale.
      • ‘The winds known as southerly bursters are generally to be expected from November to the end of February.’
      • ‘A more detailed study is made of two southerly bursters which occurred during an observational program held from 21 November 1982 until 13 December 1982.’
      • ‘The spatial variation of southerly burster, drainage flows and sea breezes in the Illawarra Region are discussed in detail.’
      storm, tempest, squall, hurricane, tornado, cyclone, typhoon, whirlwind, superstorm
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    3. 1.3A machine that separates continuous stationery into single sheets.
      • ‘This variable Burster is very simple to use and very quiet.’
      • ‘Finally, from the decolater the stationery is fed through a burster to separate each individual page.’
      • ‘The company was formed in 1980 for the manufacture of bursters and decollators.’