Definition of burnt ocher in US English:

burnt ocher


  • 1A pigment made from ocher that has been darkened by heating, or resembling this in color.

    • ‘Other pigments in common use were yellow ocher (hydrated Fe2O3), burnt ocher (hematite Fe2O3) and other ochers.’
    • ‘At one time burnt ocher was sold for reddish diphryges according to Dioscorides.’
    • ‘Heating the yellow variety produces burnt ocher, which has a rich red color.’
    1. 1.1 The deep yellow-brown color of the pigment made from ocher.
      • ‘For a moment we were blinded by a burnt ocher maelstrom aflame with the sun behind it.’
      • ‘Some users prefer a black screen background, others white, while splinter groups advocate burnt ocher, tawny puce, and shocking gray.’
      • ‘Fall in Minnesota, a sweet wistful time, bare trees, browns and gold and russet and burnt ocher.’
      • ‘Thus, I've decided to adopt a ‘study question’ approach to the abstract, as well as explicitly encouraging people to Read More - plus use a burnt ocher for the links, rather than the less-visible beige-gold.’