Definition of burn something up in US English:

burn something up

phrasal verb

  • 1

    See burn

    • ‘So we managed about 300 calories per hour - about half of what we burned up running.’
    • ‘In the event we could only manage 3000-3500, but burned up almost 6000 calories daily according to the analyses made later.’
    • ‘To gain weight, do the opposite - eat more calories than you burn up with physical activity.’
    • ‘We knew we needed more than simple water to replace the calories and minerals we were burning up and sweating out during training.’
    • ‘He estimates that it would take an average person nearly three hours of exercise to burn up just one gram of fat.’
    • ‘This happens when the body is not burning up carbohydrates properly due to a defect in the pancreas, the gland that produces insulin.’
    • ‘Carbohydrates eaten just before you wind down and go to bed don't get digested or burned up as efficiently as when we are active.’
    • ‘I exercise regularly and specifically to burn up calories from what I think is too much food.’
    • ‘If the patient eats more calories every day than they burn up, those calories will show up as fat some place on the body.’
    • ‘Well, when it comes to weight control, there are two sides of the equation: What we take in and what we burn up.’
    1. 1.1 Use up the calories or energy provided by food, rather than converting these to fat.
      ‘in the typical Western diet, all the energy in protein is burned up daily’
      • ‘When we overload our bodies with food, even if we can burn it up without gaining weight, we create a chronic condition of low-grade toxemia where each cell becomes a storage unit for unusable, toxic molecules.’
      • ‘Sometimes, as I'm sitting and working, I can practically hear the cortisol coursing through me, and I think that if I don't keep making an effort to burn it up and off, I'll continue down the road to fruit-loopitude.’
      • ‘We take in calories when we eat and drink, and burn them up in daily activity.’