Definition of burn something to a crisp in US English:

burn something to a crisp


  • Burn something completely, leaving only a charred remnant.

    ‘it is better to cook it slowly than to burn it to a crisp’
    • ‘When I emptied the chocolate into the bin the surface of the chocolate looked okay but underneath it was burnt to a crisp.’
    • ‘As for my fear of the sun, well, only an idiot will stay out in the sun until they are burnt to a crisp.’
    • ‘All of a sudden, when the trees were burnt to a crisp, the flames were sucked back in the center as if by a vacuum.’
    • ‘It seemed the toaster had something against her; everyone else could make their toast a golden brown, but when Rach put her's in, it burned it to a crisp.’
    • ‘The time the chicken was burnt to a crisp, or when the birthday cake collapsed will become part of your family's history - memories to be recalled with love and affection.’
    • ‘The beast's fiery breath had even scorched the woodland beyond, burning whole trees to a crisp.’
    • ‘For some reason, the Batards burnt the bread to a crisp.’
    • ‘The bookshelves on the far ends of the room had been burnt to a crisp, probably in the explosion.’
    • ‘Most of her stuff was burnt to a crisp including the diamond.’
    • ‘This thing is big enough to burn the entire earth to a crisp.’
    overcook, overbake, burn, burn to a cinder, burn to a crisp
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