Definition of burn something out in US English:

burn something out

phrasal verb

  • Completely destroy a building or vehicle by fire, so that only a shell remains.

    • ‘Several bins on the street are being destroyed every weekend, people are getting up on Sunday morning and finding that their property has been burnt out, one angry resident told the Kildare Nationalist.’
    • ‘Yesterday morning the Coach House pub car park was still full - but the eight cars were burnt out and only police forensic officers were allowed into the bar.’
    • ‘Over the past week, a number of cars have been burned out and premises vandalised in the local industrial estate where nine companies ply their trade.’
    • ‘The top two floors are burnt out and the roof's gone.’
    • ‘She claimed that at least four cars had been burned out over recent months in the village.’
    • ‘Members of a family have to live in three different areas of the city, all because their home is burnt out, declared Alderman Pat Kennedy to the city council.’
    • ‘A shop was set alight, 25 cars were burnt out and two police officers were injured.’
    • ‘In the picturesque village of Slovnje, dozens of homes have been burned out.’
    • ‘During the riots of 2001 at least 5 Oldham pubs were burned out by firebombs.’
    • ‘He was abducted by four masked men and driven to the remote townland of Lyracrumpane, where he was beaten up and left stranded after his car was burnt out.’