Definition of burn something off in US English:

burn something off

phrasal verb

  • Remove (a substance) using a flame.

    ‘using a blowtorch to burn off the paint’
    • ‘But two days later, workers were back to burn the yellow paint off the road, after it was discovered they had been painted in error.’
    • ‘However, at 10 am, a man with a blow torch is burning the lines off and at 3pm, the lines have all gone.’
    • ‘The heat burned the paint off the walls and, Chicca realized later, most of the hair from his head and face.’
    • ‘And in the light of day, feel no regrets that you have burnt the paint off the sides of your barbecue and voided the manufacturer's limited warranty.’
    • ‘And last Sunday morning, nine days after the lines were painted, workmen came back and burnt them off again.’