Definition of burn someone out in US English:

burn someone out

phrasal verb

  • Make someone homeless by destroying their home by fire.

    ‘they were burned out of their homes’
    • ‘The phosphorus from the smoke shells burned us out.’
    • ‘When we moved four years ago, we were in desperate need of a place because we had been burned out of our old house.’
    • ‘When it burned him out of his home in 1791 no public outcry ensued.’
    • ‘I'll guarantee you that our Lord Steward doesn't know I have it, else he'd be burning me out of house and home.’
    • ‘She was burned out of her house and her relatives killed in front of her.’
    • ‘When that happened, said Nomani, ‘I quoted Sojourner Truth when she said, ‘If they burn us out, then I shall preach upon the ashes.’’
    • ‘They tried to blow her up, to burn her out, to foreclose on her mortgage.’