Definition of burn-in in US English:



  • 1Damage to a computer or television screen, caused by being left on too long.

    • ‘In the past, plasma displays have had issues with image burn-in from static images left on the screen for long periods of time.’
    • ‘We strongly recommend that you leave the MemoryFrame in slide show mode because the user manual specifically warns about the possibility of burn-in if images aren't being cycled.’
    • ‘Old-fashioned, CRT-based rear projection TVs are bulky, suffer from potential burn-in, and need regular recalibration.’
    • ‘Modern CRT direct view, CRT rear projectors, and plasma displays can suffer from burn-in.’
    • ‘But they're more fragile than other TVs and may suffer from burn-in, which occurs when a fixed image becomes permanently etched on the screen.’
    1. 1.1 A reliability test in which a device is switched on for a long time.
      • ‘The first 500,000 cycles were used as burn-in time.’
      • ‘We used default values for burn-in, sampling and thinning.’
      • ‘All the data sets appeared to have passed burn-in and were mixing well (data not shown).’
      • ‘Four continuous chains were run with the initial 50,000 generations discarded as burn-in.’
      • ‘Each board is subjected to a 48-hour burn-in, and 100% functional testing.’