Definition of burgonet in US English:



  • A kind of visored helmet.

    • ‘A burgonet is an open-type helmet generally found with ear flaps, a brim, a comb or a peaked finial, and sometimes a faceguard.’
    • ‘The close burgonet has a high comb, a peak, a barred, spiked visor and three gorget plates.’
    • ‘From cabassets to burgonets to gladiator helmets, you are sure to find great selection of medieval helmets.’
    • ‘This can be easily increased or decreased by raising or lowering the burgonet brim and the upper buffe plate.’
    • ‘The burgonet shared many of the same features as the casque; the two are often confused with one another.’


Late 16th century: from French bourguignotte, perhaps a use of the feminine of bourgignot ‘Burgundian’, the ending being assimilated to -et.