Definition of bureaucratize in US English:


(British bureaucratise)


[with object]usually as adjective bureaucratized
  • Endue (someone or something) with the characteristics of a bureaucracy.

    ‘impersonal and bureaucratized welfare systems’
    • ‘In the 1980s the national societies in the eastern Europe activated the associational forms of the civil society to undermine a severely bureaucratised political order.’
    • ‘For people who perceive it in grand terms, Rushmore is a patriotic psalm in stone, one that catches the national spirit in the true national setting, as opposed to a memorial set in a corrupt, bureaucratized capital.’
    • ‘This infrastructure will be expanded and bureaucratized.’
    • ‘This corrupt and bureaucratized organization, which by its own account formally represents barely 12 percent of Venezuelan workers, is among the closest allies of the US AFL-CIO.’
    • ‘Until 1967, the Baganda were organized into a tightly centralized, bureaucratized kingdom.’
    • ‘To them, even the treacherous and bureaucratized unions represent an impediment.’
    • ‘As is often the case with bureaucratized military establishments, American warfighting doctrine has not kept pace with developments.’
    • ‘Indeed, institutions such as universities are now bureaucratized past belief.’
    • ‘Entirely new organizations of industrial and political struggle must be built that are independent of and opposed to this degenerate and bureaucratized apparatus.’
    • ‘We doubt whether citizens of the necessary character and capabilities will ever voluntarily serve in large numbers in a nonprofessional, bureaucratized military.’
    • ‘In the interests of standardization and parity, many programs have been flattened out into a series of bureaucratized educational modules, strangling the creativity of both teachers and students.’
    • ‘Nowhere was this witch-hunt more thorough than within the bureaucratized trade union movement.’
    • ‘This is what happens when the environmental movement becomes bureaucratized, when it lives off of foundation grants and political pats-on-the-back.’
    • ‘The latest hijacking attempt shows that safety precautions are virtually non-existent on Australian aircraft but our bureaucratized government assures us that ‘talks are continuing’ on the matter!’
    • ‘The idea that Hitler's Germany was a nation of bureaucratized automatons under a single iron rule exists only in the popular imagination.’
    • ‘The absorption of intellectual life by the universities marks the decline, if not the elimination, of the intellectual in a commodified and bureaucratised society.’
    • ‘India benefits from democratic politics, but suffers from overly bureaucratized government.’
    • ‘Yet even as their departments became increasingly bureaucratized, they were able to carve out a new identity based on occupational specialization.’
    • ‘The ‘old unions’ are linked to a corporatist, bureaucratised role.’
    • ‘Crisis after crisis has, in fact, been the legacy of DFO's centralized, bureaucratized approach to fisheries management.’