Definition of bur oak in US English:

bur oak


  • A North American oak, with large fringed acorn cups. Its timber was formerly important in shipbuilding.

    Quercus macrocarpa, family Fagaceae

    Also called mossycup oak
    • ‘Native trees, such as bur oak and shagbark hickory, grow amid osage-orange hedgerows.’
    • ‘The large bur oak trees were the most striking feature of the oak savannah community.’
    • ‘I want to collect the large acorns from a bur oak near my home.’
    • ‘Because they are rich in carbohydrates and fats, the bur oak's acorns are the number one ‘fruit’ consumed by wildlife.’
    • ‘But in this early stage of the 21st century, the bur oak still serves important ecological needs.’