Definition of bunny-hop in US English:



[no object]
  • 1Jump forward in a crouched position.

    ‘he bunny-hopped around the stage’
    • ‘Kale bunny-hopped quicker through all the puddles, coming up to the one that she was standing next to.’
    • ‘Maybe he should have tried to bunny-hop over it.’
    • ‘What team manager Mic-E saw astounded him and he called Jake over to check out the footage: A muscle-bound skater as big as many TV strongmen, using his immense upper body to bunny-hop onto rails, off walls, and down second story drops.’
    • ‘Tom was wondering how much further they had to go when Harriet bunny-hopped over the wall, landed on a bench four foot below and turned to Tom.’
    1. 1.1with object Move a vehicle forward jerkily.
      • ‘I set up for the move, bunny hopped the boat, cranked the bars and kicked my feet out.’
      • ‘We ragged, slided and bunny hopped the van for 2 stressful hours to their office to be told that a replacement van was being shipped over.’
      • ‘The pilot bunny-hopped the plane down the runway.’
    2. 1.2 Move a bicycle forward by jumping in the air while standing on the pedals.
      • ‘At the moment I can bunny-hop up and down stairs, ride with one foot off and walk the wheel.’
      • ‘You face small gates on the course which may be up to a couple of feet high and it is a choice whether you try to bunny-hop over them or dismount and lift the bike over.’
      • ‘For a long weekend, you and campers of similar abilities - everybody from can't bunny-hop to tackle-the-stairs types are welcome - will follow a pro instructor around the epic singletrack of Whistler, British Columbia.’
      • ‘There's nothing more exciting than taking down the police when they're shaking up your homies while bunny-hopping on a bike.’
      • ‘Our first day we went to a local park to work on technical skills like trackstands and bunny-hopping.’
    3. 1.3with object Jump (an obstacle) on a bicycle by bunny-hopping.
      • ‘As long as I can remember not to try bunny-hopping anything, and to stick to very mild offroad.’
      • ‘In fact, at speeds less than 30 mph the Stab is fairly unwieldy; good luck bunny-hopping logs on a 50-pounder without a full head of steam.’
      • ‘Ribs bruised, this is where I start to feel it, out of the saddle climbing, picking the front wheel up over obstacles, bunny-hopping logs.’
      • ‘When some of the competitors simply bunny-hop it, the gauntlet scatters to gather empty Bud cases for fuel and starts a fire that forces riders to jump higher to avoid the flames.’
      • ‘I mean, I've even stopped bunny-hopping the speed bumps into work, and they're still snapping - which I think is just unfair.’
      • ‘I decided to show off a bit and bunny-hopped the tree instead of riding around it.’


  • 1A jump in a crouched position.

    • ‘Blanco attempts his trademark bunny-hop to get past two players.’
    • ‘Then an adorable little girl in a white dress who can't have been more than four or five skated out, really slowly and did a couple of bunny hops.’
    • ‘Change the relay by including different conditions such as the children must either run backwards, do bunny hops or use side steps to reach the hoop and return to the team ‘Shed’.’
    1. 1.1 A short jump or jerky forward movement made on a bicycle or by a vehicle.
      • ‘This is designed to make formula one more exciting, presumably by increasing our chances of watching Rubens Barrichello or Juan Pablo Montoya leaving the starting grid in a series of jerking ‘bunny-hops’.’
      • ‘Master the bunny hop by learning to get your back wheel up off the ground while mountain biking.’
      • ‘How do you do a bunny hop on a bike?’
    2. 1.2 An obstacle on a cycling course which is generally cleared by jumping the bicycle over it.
  • 2A dance of hopping steps in which the participants face the same direction and form a line by placing their hands on the waist or shoulders of the person in front of them.

    • ‘The children learn to do the "Bunny Hop".’



/ˈbəni hɑp/