Definition of bunkmate in US English:



  • A person who sleeps in an adjoining bunk or who shares one's sleeping quarters.

    • ‘Eventually, Vicky and Amanda, two of my bunkmates, showed up, followed by the rest of my cabin (with the notable exception of our counselor).’
    • ‘None of the routine separations the rest of us can count on - whether between day and night, safety and danger, duty and off-duty, or colleagues and bunkmates - pertains.’
    • ‘Shai picked up a ringing cellphone for his absent army bunkmate with the intention of taking a message.’
    • ‘This got David busy and built a first connection with a bunkmate - but not in a spot (the middle of campus) that would make him feet overly serf-conscious.’
    • ‘She fought often with bunkmates and counselors and was hard to control.’
    • ‘The veteran counselor at residential camp may understand that almost all homesick campers will have a successful summer, but just try telling that to the crying camper who refuses to meet his bunkmates - let alone go to the first activity.’
    • ‘Or perhaps you guys were bunkmates at sleepaway camp… or have been bumming around Beach City, where your families vacation all season.’
    • ‘Ever since she had started going to camp four years earlier and bunkmates would ask where she was from, my daughter was greeted with alarm: ‘Isn't Brooklyn dangerous?’’
    • ‘I don't know if that's true, but I've heard of stories from bunkmates I've had.’
    • ‘I have five bunkmates… Pug-Face (her name is Kelly), Melanie, Jenny, Janet, and then Kendra.’
    • ‘Her soft-spoken boyfriend and bunkmate, Tommy Caldwell, 22, is from Colorado.’
    • ‘Once, as I reached up to hoist myself onto a top bunk, a particularly annoying bunkmate cried, ‘What's THAT!’’
    • ‘When I told my bunkmates about my father and I, they didn't seem like the people that, after hearing that would tell anyone, but by the end of the week everyone knew the whole story.’
    • ‘‘Thanks for the Memory’: Hoping to help his depressed bunkmate, Lister gives Rimmer his memory of a very special girl.’
    • ‘This year, though, you can't help feeling you're a little more, well, mature than your bunkmates.’
    • ‘The next day his counselor goofed off with mine, giving my bunkmates and I piggy-back rides.’
    • ‘He didn't like Clayton very much either, despite the fact that they were bunkmates, but Kyle was more tolerant than I was so I was the one who had to hate him.’
    • ‘‘Wake up!‘one of my father's bunkmates, Russell Streigel, shouted at my still sleeping father early one Sunday morning on base.’
    • ‘When we finally reach Ariel's cabin, the counselors are cheery and welcoming, but her bunkmates are sitting on their beds like astronauts about to be launched on a rocket they know is defective.’
    • ‘The best thing you can do is take the high road and ignore any bunkmate baddies.’