Definition of bunker buster in US English:

bunker buster


  • A bomb designed to penetrate deep into the ground or rock before exploding.

    • ‘In this article, you will learn about several different types of bunker buster so you understand how they work and where the technology is heading.’
    • ‘I know it doesn't have the same dramatic effect of a daisy cutter or bunker buster, but hey, life isn't perfect.’
    • ‘Development will soon start on the TOW bunker buster missile, which will make at least a 24-inch diameter hole in a double reinforced eight-inch concrete wall, and provide a breach point for dismounted infantry to enter a building.’
    • ‘Well, I don't think it's comfortable to be a civilian anywhere in modern warfare, there is nowhere you really you can escape and hide; even if you're in a cellar you can be hit by a stray bunker buster.’
    • ‘The original bunker busters used in the first gulf war were made from the barrels of large navel guns filled with 250 lb of explosives and fitted with guiding fins.’
    • ‘With heads fully turned, and eyes firmly shut, we are dreaming of a bright future where stock valuations never come down, where mortars and bunker busters clear the way for ‘democracy’, and where our sins will never have to be paid.’
    • ‘The new generation of US nuclear weapons - so-called bunker busters - are specifically being developed for use against fortified underground bunkers of the type developed by Iran to protect its sensitive facilities.’
    • ‘This includes funds for the Robust Nuclear Earth penetrator, or nuclear bunker buster, and for the Advanced Concepts Initiative for new nuclear designs.’
    • ‘To all intents and purposes there is only one winner in this war so far and it is not the bunker busters or the special forces on the ground in Afghanistan that laser guide the weaponry in from 15,000 ft above their heads.’
    • ‘Get some AT-4 bunker buster rocket launchers if you can.’
    • ‘The B61-11, available since 1997, is the current state of the art in the area of nuclear bunker busters.’
    • ‘The nuclear bunker busters would be thousands of times more powerful than the conventional type.’
    • ‘At the Pentagon's urging, I even spent an entire day at Offutt Air Force Base getting briefed by STRATCOM, but I was never told of any specific military mission requiring the nuclear bunker buster.’
    • ‘In addition, the remote weapons station can be fitted with a 40 mm automatic grenade launcher and has the potential to incorporate the Javelin anti tank / bunker buster missile system.’
    • ‘In two debates, for example, Senator Kerry has insisted that he would eliminate the ‘nuclear bunker buster bomb program’ from the United States' arsenal.’
    • ‘An F-117 Nighthawk engages its target and drops a bunker buster during a testing mission at Hill Air Force Base, Utah.’
    • ‘Well, other than the bunker buster (which went from concept to delivery in 21 days), I still can't talk about it.’
    • ‘One way to make a bunker buster heavier while maintaining a narrow cross-sectional area is to use a metal that is heavier than steel.’
    • ‘One special munition is called a bunker buster.’