Definition of bunk bed in English:

bunk bed


  • A piece of furniture consisting of two beds, one above the other, that form a unit.

    • ‘The final bedroom is on the first floor return and includes another cast iron fireplace, a built-in bunk bed, desk and storage press.’
    • ‘Guns blaze, accents become foreign and inconsistent, and scantily clad women argue about who gets the top bunk bed.’
    • ‘The boys sleep in bunk beds, so they were very excited that we were going to have the baby and that would mean that Drew could move over to his bunk bed.’
    • ‘Kristen collapsed on the bottom bunk of the bunk bed.’
    • ‘He was praised at the awards, organised by the Specialist Schools Trust and the Design Museum in London, for his design of a bunk bed incorporating a study desk, a seat and a wardrobe.’
    • ‘Pilgrims still stay at simple hostels which may only offer a bunk bed and a frugal Mediterranean meal of bread, olives and red wine, shared with fellow pilgrims in candlelight.’
    • ‘The call room is obviously small, but the niche into which the bunk bed is wedged is really small, barely larger than the bed itself.’
    • ‘The room Mom and Kristen slept in had only one difference: A bunk bed.’
    • ‘There was a narrow bunk bed with a thin mattress and a writing desk with built-in chair next to it.’
    • ‘There's a living room downstairs, a bedroom with three single beds and a bunk bed with upper and lower berths, a bathroom, and the kitchen area.’
    • ‘It was pretty high off the ground, but not as high as a bunk bed.’
    • ‘Which twin got the top bunk bed, which got the bottom bunk bed?’
    • ‘He didn't complain as he took the top bunk on the bunk bed, hauled himself up and fell asleep, fully dressed, bags still packed.’
    • ‘Also, she's getting her prison khakis, trading in that street clothing, and then having orientation and being assigned a bunk bed.’
    • ‘Inside was a small room with two desks, two wardrobes, another door, and a girl sitting on the top bunk of a bunk bed.’
    • ‘Then that night, I was sleeping on the top bunk bed.’
    • ‘Exhausted from all this exploring and eating, we went back to the Arlington House to crash in our bunk bed.’
    • ‘I collapsed on my bunk bed and stared at my shiny new CD Player.’
    • ‘Lee gave Mark his old bunk bed that mom gave to him.’
    • ‘He sat up on a rough wool blanket on the top bunk bed.’
    berth, cot, bunk bed, bed
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bunk bed

/ˈbəNGk ˌbed/