Definition of bungarotoxin in US English:



  • A powerful neurotoxin found in the venom of the krait.

    • ‘Electron density profile structures were calculated in the absence and presence of [alpha] bungarotoxin, revealing a location for the toxin binding sites.’
    • ‘The purified nAChR membrane vesicles were evaluated by quantitative SDS-PAGE and 125 - [alpha] bungarotoxin binding (data not shown).’
    • ‘Nicotine and the snake venom, [alpha] bungarotoxin, also bind these receptors with agonistic and antagonistic effects, respectively.’
    • ‘Venoms of the Elapidae snakes contain several postsynaptic polypeptide neurotoxins, such as bungarotoxin isolated from the venom of the banded krait.’
    • ‘Fictive correlates of these early behaviours can be recorded in embryos of Xenopus and Rana that have been immobilised in [alpha] bungarotoxin.’


1960s: from the modern Latin genus name Bungarus (perhaps from Sanskrit bhaṅgura ‘bent’) + toxin.