Definition of bung in English:



  • A stopper for closing a hole in a container.

    • ‘A piece of the leather bung which plugged one of these was still there, though the design I had seen on it the last time had disappeared.’
    • ‘You just turn the taps on if you want a bath, and if you want a shower you push a rubber bung into the tap spout, and the water is diverted up into the shower.’
    • ‘A barrel is made up of staves shaped into a bulging cylinder, with hoops round it, a flat circular head at either end, and at least one hole for a bung.’
    • ‘A sterile disposable needle was fixed to the syringe, the air in it expelled carefully without causing aerosols and the needle capped with a sterile rubber bung.’
    • ‘I took a bung out of one of the drums and looked inside, and it was all black, and not a golden colour like it should have been.’
    • ‘It's secured to the frame of the panel by small black plastic bungs which look ok, but some may have preferred metal.’
    • ‘The bung was pressed into the hole to seal it, and the shaft removed.’
    • ‘His invention was designed to cut a hole through an existing bung or stopper rather than through the oak barrel head.’
    • ‘Not only does this placement of the connector make it more difficult to plug in an antenna, but it also leaves you with a small plastic bung lying around that you're bound to lose.’
    • ‘The latter is covered with a rubber bung that's nice and snug out of the box, but becomes too loose to be of use once you've uncorked it.’
    • ‘The minirhizotron tubes were sealed with rubber bungs.’
    • ‘On a thirsty day, unscrupulous carters were known to extract a free drink from a keg of porter by boring a small hole through the bung, inserting a goose quill and sucking some of the contents.’
    • ‘If you're using a barrel, use a silicone or rubber bung with a hole in the center for an airlock that fits the barrel's opening.’
    • ‘The mayor was taken on a site tour of the operation, by John Keeling, Brewing Director, where he saw the art of brewing and even tapped bungs into shives.’
    • ‘Each flask was sealed with a foam bung and foil cap, and placed on an orbital shaker at 135 rpm.’
    • ‘He removed all the bungs that he could free with a hammer and a screwdriver, then knocked over a half full drum of benzene.’
    • ‘The bottom of the tube was fitted with a rubber bung.’
    • ‘Vessels were sealed with silicone rubber bungs.’
    • ‘There's also a pretty cool looking power button and a modem socket covered by a rubber bung.’
    • ‘Each vessel was fitted with a rubber bung to accommodate the shoot base and electrodes and to minimize re-oxygenation of the medium by the atmosphere.’
    stopper, plug, cork, spigot, spile, seal, cap, top, lid, cover
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  • 1 Close with a stopper.

    ‘the casks are bunged before delivery’
    • ‘In the mean time, until the hole is bunged, Slemko recommends that customers not access the Web site.’
    • ‘If the hacker has a conscience - and most do - he will notify the victim and give them a few weeks to bung the hole before publishing his findings on the Web and getting the credit he deserves.’
    • ‘Additionally, the Feds sought assurance that the patches MS has issued are adequate to bung the holes without causing problems for the machines they're installed on.’
    • ‘They phoned West Wiltshire Housing Society which sent someone out to mend the damaged wires and bung up the hole into the attic but the squirrels were not deterred and more got in through a gap from their neighbour's house.’
    1. 1.1Block (something), typically by overfilling it.
      ‘you let vegetable peelings bung up the sink’
      • ‘I feel light headed, my ears are bunged up and my balance feels hazy.’
      • ‘One fine day it gets bunged up: and there you are.’
      • ‘It has three different sized grating thingies and the picture on the box very clearly shows it grating cheese, which puts a stop to the n'er-do-wells warning me that cheese would bung it up.’


Late Middle English: from Middle Dutch bonghe (noun).