Definition of bullpen in US English:


(also bull pen)


North American
  • 1An enclosure for bulls.

    • ‘The bullpen had a per head medicine cost of $12.89 – again, high for this ranch.’
    • ‘She stationed herself by the gate leading into the bull pen, and closed and it during the afternoon many times.’
    • ‘If all goes well, the bulls end up in the bull pen.’
    1. 1.1 An exercise area for baseball pitchers.
      • ‘Righetti owns one because he often catches his pitchers in the bullpen.’
      • ‘Michael Barrett has been catching the pitchers in the bullpen, trying to get his leg strength back so he can catch in games.’
      • ‘Next time you visit Pac Bell Park, try to find the bullpens.’
      • ‘Boston added a bullpen to make the right field shorter for Ted Williams.’
      • ‘The outfield had no bleachers; instead a more or less solid green wall pocked with ad banners extended up from the outfield fence to the mezzanine level, with the bullpens flush from the gaps to either foul line.’
      • ‘Pitcher Hal Gregg even hit a home run into the left field bullpen.’
      • ‘Ryan came out of the bullpen with two outs in the seventh inning to relieve Pat Hentgen and proceeded to pick off Omar Infante at first base.’
      • ‘Giovanni Carrara was summoned from the bullpen, and he struck out Andruw Jones.’
      • ‘Ally watched Trent jogging from the bullpen to the pitcher's mound, wearing the same Yankees jacket that she was.’
      • ‘Fisk yelled at Sanders for failure to hustle, the two exchanged heated words and both dugouts and bullpens emptied before order was restored.’
      • ‘At the time, the Indians used an automobile to transport pitchers from the bullpen to the mound.’
      • ‘So in that game at Fenway Park, I hit two home runs into the bullpen in right center.’
      • ‘Red Pollack, Carrington's closer, had been warming up in the bullpen.’
      • ‘And then she'd call in the enforcer, my grandfather, Mark, like calling a baseball pitcher in from the bullpen.’
      • ‘He might throw more pitches in the bullpen or throw more fastballs in the first inning.’
      • ‘Trying to cushion his landing, he grabbed the railing to brace himself before tumbling into the bullpen area.’
      • ‘For example, Peterson often has young pitchers throw in the bullpen with their eyes closed.’
      • ‘The fences between the bullpen and the field, like about half the outfield fence, are open.’
      • ‘Both bullpens occupy the outfield foul ground, meaning there are mounds and usually players in the way.’
      • ‘Because of how close most bullpens are to the stands, they can be an ideal spot for fans who want to be that guy - that guy who's trying to be funny until he crosses the line.’
    2. 1.2 The relief pitchers of a baseball team.
      • ‘One of the most pressing concerns the club must address now and this winter is the bullpen.’
      • ‘But it was the Yankee bullpen which really let things get out of hand.’
      • ‘The team addressed its bullpen last season, with mixed results.’
      • ‘There are some concerns about the right-handers in the bullpen.’
      • ‘They'll also have to rebuild a bullpen that many in baseball view as the reason for the team's downfall this year.’
      • ‘Herges is the bullpen's workhorse, providing quality innings in middle and long relief.’
      • ‘That's a testament to the starting pitchers and to the bullpen's ability to hold leads.’
      • ‘Suffice it to say that there are a lot of frustrated fans pulling their hair out over these two teams' respective bullpens.’
      • ‘The bullpen is the area that needs the most improvement and is getting the most focus this spring.’
      • ‘This is a series that was expected to come down to the respective bullpens.’
      • ‘So here's a ranking of the top five bullpens of those teams that still have a chance at the postseason.’
      • ‘He might be a nice fit in the bullpen given the team's need for left-handed relief help.’
      • ‘The Yankees turned to Braves discard C.J. Nitkowski in their latest attempt to find left-handed help for the bullpen.’
      • ‘Twenty-five years ago, bullpens were made up of pitchers who weren't good enough to start.’
      • ‘The Raiders' stable of running backs is much like a baseball team's bullpen.’
      • ‘Teams that align their bullpens rapidly are at an advantage, and the Braves have the look of such a club.’
      • ‘But the Angels, Giants, Orioles, Phillies and Rangers - all of whom rated their bullpens highly - have struggled to protect leads.’
      • ‘The bullpen has shown resilience, with help from a deep farm system.’
      • ‘The bullpen was solid, but several starters began to wear down.’
      • ‘Because the team has a stronger bullpen this year, Grimsley, 36, will be used less so he can stay fresh.’
    3. 1.3 An open-plan office area.
      • ‘Simon was in his office, and waved to Jim as he entered the bullpen.’
      • ‘He never even noticed when the bullpen emptied out at lunch-time.’
      • ‘That's the open-air office, the egalitarian "bullpen" that Bloomberg, whose spare cubicle is no fancier than any of his underlings, brought to City Hall.’
      • ‘Stock trader bullpens are packed with video screens.’
    4. 1.4 A large cell in which prisoners are held before a court hearing.
      • ‘On the 2nd of January I was called up at 8:00 a.m. I got processed and placed in the bullpen with 10 other prisoners.’
      • ‘The prisoners are directed to a bench in a bullpen down the hall, where they stand as they're told.’
      • ‘There was a detective posing as a prisoner in the bullpen watching and listening to everything they said and did.’
      dungeon, oubliette, lock-up, prison
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