Definition of bullnose in US English:


(also bullnosed)


  • 1attributive (of the edge of a surface) rounded.

    • ‘You can use a custom made bullnose edge, a polished square edge, wood trim, a complementary ceramic rail or cap, or a manufactured metal profile made for tile installations.’
    • ‘If you like, an edging trowel will give you a nice bullnose finish on your corners.’
    • ‘The slab already has a bullnosed edge on the front.’
    • ‘This table has a red cherry finish and bullnose edge.’
    1. 1.1 (of a surface or object) having a rounded edge or edges.
      ‘a bullnose tile’
      • ‘There are two kinds of solid wood edges involved in this project: 1/4-inch-thick by 3/4-inch-wide strips for the sides and ends, and 1 1/4-inch-thick by 1 1/4-inch-wide bullnose (rounded edges) strips to frame the lid.’
      • ‘In fact, every feature in this home is finely finished, right down to the smallest detail; even the edge of the floor that leads onto the staircase has a bullnose trim.’
      • ‘Masons also can calculate various CMU configurations (half and full bullnose, double bullnose, chamfer, or sash) for all openings, jambs, comers, control joints, and any special cuts.’
      • ‘A bullnose shape was used for the wainscoat and arches over the windows have a jack brick arch.’
      • ‘I didn't remember much except her being tall with big brown eyes, and there were scones and red jam for afternoon tea in a big grey house with a bullnose verandah.’
      • ‘Rounded bullnose corners don't cost much more, but they give walls a special, thick, plaster-like look.’


  • A rounded edge on a surface or object.

    • ‘A variety of edge details are also available, from the familiar old square edge, to a 3/4 ‘radius bullnose, to the one-piece molded drip edge frequently carried by do-it-yourself stores.’’
    • ‘A material that resembled the larger granite on the original structure was used, and a bullnose was added to replicate the original ‘strong base.’’