Definition of bulletin board in English:

bulletin board


North American
  • 1A board for displaying notices.

    • ‘Post colorful flyers at the front desk and in the locker rooms and designate a bulletin board to display the rules of the game.’
    • ‘Then she remembered the notice on the bulletin board earlier that day.’
    • ‘When I finished university in Kunming, the bulletin board had a little notice.’
    • ‘At the very end of the hallway was a bulletin board with a few scarce notices about report card distribution and an even emptier trophy case.’
    • ‘You've earned the distinct honor of being the only person to write a craigslist ad that is now proudly displayed on the bulletin board in my office.’
    • ‘By the time he'd hung up his jacket and backpack and pinned the construction paper fish with his name on it to the bulletin board, he was totally ready to go.’
    • ‘He pushed his way through a large group of chattering students who were reading the postings on the bulletin board.’
    • ‘She passed a desk and a bulletin board filled with notices and announcements.’
    • ‘A week later, I passed by that same bulletin board and noticed something that impacted me immensely.’
    • ‘Students like reading about their classmates and seeing their artworks displayed on the bulletin board.’
    • ‘On my AP bulletin board there seem to be a dozen different policies at schools for determining who could take AP classes.’
    • ‘Noticing a large bulletin board across from us, I walked over and scanned it; Jocelyn was close behind and did the same.’
    • ‘A bulletin board behind her desk displays photos of her clients, who have names like Chipper and Chunk.’
    • ‘A referral service offers a more personalized approach for clients than simply posting gig notices on a bulletin board.’
    • ‘That spring afternoon of my senior year, I stared at the bulletin board reading the telegrams tacked up on it.’
    • ‘In the entryway they might notice a bulletin board advertising midwifery services, childcare, or book exchanges.’
    • ‘Clark learned about the drivers' training course when he saw a notice about it on a bulletin board and signed up.’
    • ‘She stepped back until she found herself pressed up against the cork bulletin board adjacent to the blackboard.’
    • ‘Storming down the corridor, I don't even notice the cast list hanging off the bulletin board.’
    • ‘Next to the display was a bulletin board filled with letters and photographs and mementos.’
    • ‘The comment cards posted on the bulletin board at the Seattle showing indicate that the exhibit has gotten under viewers' skin.’
    • ‘He noticed she still had her bulletin board covered in the pictures of them growing up together back when they had been best friends.’
    1. 1.1Computing An information storage system designed to permit any authorized computer user to access and add to it from a remote terminal.
      • ‘Since I am not a computer bulletin board participant, I have asked that the following be posted for me by a friend.’
      • ‘A bulletin board system operator will be held responsible for what topics are and what the commentators say.’
      • ‘This makes running a bulletin board difficult and potentially expensive, especially for a company with enough money to make it worth launching a libel action.’
      • ‘Although there are Internet bulletin board systems, forums and blogs, they reflect but do not impact public trends and opinions.’
      • ‘It has been 25 years since online community found its humble beginnings via the first computer bulletin board.’
      • ‘Customers are greeted with a glass of wine, a personal profile is filled out and a photo is taken and posted on a bulletin board.’
      • ‘Years ago, I used to write stories with other people, using online bulletin board systems (BBSs).’
      • ‘They sponsor and supervise online chatrooms, bulletin board message exchanges and keep the email systems running on track.’
      • ‘The user collects payments by observing the contents of the bulletin board and decrypting those corresponding to his private key.’
      • ‘I'm thinking about putting up a bulletin board to give us more ways to interact with each other.’
      • ‘This is the same old story that has been repeated so many times on the bulletin board systems.’
      • ‘More experienced hackers with programming skills develop hacker programs and post them to the Web and to bulletin board systems.’
      • ‘This was the time of the electronic bulletin board system, or BBS.’
      • ‘With the Internet, all they have to do is to post the rumors at the bulletin board systems or blogs and then the netizens will propagate the information.’
      • ‘A quick look at the official Web site bulletin board shows that people are already demanding more than the half-hour slot provided.’
      • ‘I thought for sure someone had already created a great web based bulletin board system, but in fact, no one had.’
      • ‘Share the article with your favorite bulletin board, newsgroup, or website.’
      • ‘This is a bulletin board system at which hundreds of people can post essays and commentaries on current affairs.’
      • ‘Before long, other bulletin board users were placing the smiley face in their messages.’
      • ‘It falls somewhere between a content management system, a web bulletin board system, and a weblog.’


bulletin board

/ˈbʊlətn ˌbɔ(ə)rd/