Definition of bullet train in US English:

bullet train


  • A high-speed passenger train.

    ‘a bullet train that would whisk passengers at speeds of 150–250 mph’
    • ‘Should Florida build a bullet train, and should it be done by a constitutional amendment?’
    • ‘In Japan we have the bullet train, but England has Concorde.’
    • ‘An earthquake in 2004 caused a bullet train to derail - the first since the high speed trains went into service 40 years ago - but there was no loss of life.’
    • ‘He said the Japanese bullet train system had run for 40 years with no injury-causing accidents and contributed little environmental pollution.’
    • ‘After the press conference, Zhu went to Tokyo station to take a Shinkansen bullet train to Kobe, western Japan.’
    • ‘On June 1, the group will travel on the famous Japanese bullet train - the Shinkansen - to Niigata for Ireland's opening World Cup game against Cameroon.’
    • ‘The Japanese bullet train helped the country immensely.’
    • ‘Anyway, when I got back home I turned on the telly to see lots of pictures of a train station and aerial views of a shinkansen bullet train.’
    • ‘And that's not to even mention taking a boat trip through Britain's longest and deepest canal tunnel, watching a medieval jousting tournament, hitching a ride on a Japanese bullet train - and checking out a flying salami.’
    • ‘A York museum has proved a real ‘hot shot’ after gaining its second international accolade in two years - for its groundbreaking display featuring a Japanese bullet train.’
    • ‘Some day, it's going to need a subway, and elevated sky train, and a bullet train which runs from Chiang Mai to Phuket!’
    • ‘Japan has been trying to sell China its Shinkansen bullet train technology, while Germany wants to provide its maglev technology.’
    • ‘Through the cracked glass of the window, we see a bullet train cruising by.’
    • ‘The Japanese bullet train is one of the candidates for a planned high-speed train linking Beijing and Shanghai.’
    • ‘During the latest tremors the bullet train to Niigata, 200 km northwest of Tokyo, was halted as a precaution but was expected to be running at normal speed by the end of yesterday, a railway spokesman said.’
    • ‘Japan's newest test model of the Shinkansen bullet train is unveiled to the media at its test center at Rifu, northern Japan, yesterday.’
    • ‘The bullet train is too expensive (about the same as flying), is only used for travel and occasional long commutes.’
    • ‘Other options for the railway, according to state media, include styling it after the Shinkansen, Japan's high-speed bullet train, or two methods used in France - TGV and Inter-City Express.’
    • ‘Taiwan received its first bullet train, delivered from Japan on Tuesday.’
    • ‘Few players can carry out a game plan like this freight train with a bullet train's speed.’


bullet train

/ˈbo͝olət trān//ˈbʊlət treɪn/