Definition of bullet-headed in US English:



  • Having a small, round head.

    • ‘Queens were my team and Billy Houliston was my favourite player - an old-fashioned, bullet-headed, barge-the-goalie centre-forward.’
    • ‘‘I'm broadcasting in five minutes,’ an increasingly frantic Carson told the bullet-headed man in security.’
    • ‘Val Kilmer plays Scott, a bullet-headed military expert called in to rescue the abducted daughter of a high-profile politician.’
    • ‘What part of single file don't these bullet-headed androids understand?’
    • ‘I saw loads of police in unmarked vans and tried to photograph a line of bullet-headed cops next to their row of motorbikes.’
    • ‘A dark-blue Peugeot is parked, with a bullet-headed man at the wheel.’
    • ‘They were big and bull-necked and bullet-headed.’
    • ‘Fat away-shirted slobs accompanied by that sort of husband that has a tattoo on his left calf and three bullet-headed children with imitation firearms.’