Definition of bulldozer in English:



  • 1A powerful tractor with a broad upright blade at the front for clearing ground.

    • ‘Here people would just stand in front of bulldozers to change that law.’
    • ‘Prohibiting the harvest of a plant rarely turns back the blade of the bulldozer.’
    • ‘They are also calling on the authorities to return the bulldozers, excavators and tractors that were seized during the raid.’
    • ‘Normally bulldozers or heavy tractors are used.’
    • ‘The mechanics of mountain belts along convergent plate boundaries are often considered to be analogous to that of a wedge of snow or soil in front of moving bulldozer.’
    • ‘To an anthropologist, lying in front of a bulldozer is an act of arrogant aggression.’
    • ‘People thought we were weird, in 1992, to risk our lives by standing in front of bulldozers.’
    • ‘These bars are especially important on bulldozers and, to a lesser extent, on tracked loaders and excavators.’
    • ‘Kiltane locals are prepared to stand in front of bulldozers to stop work on the rehabilitation of bogs in Erris.’
    • ‘He convinced the Army that it was better served by letting Caterpillar continue to manufacture bulldozers and tractors.’
    • ‘The first sign of Pierolapithecus was a canine tooth turned up by a bulldozer that was clearing land for digging.’
    • ‘He works in a crew that has three bulldozers, a large excavator, and two or more off-road haul trucks.’
    • ‘Some people took direct action and stood in front of the bulldozers but they were arrested and fined for trespassing.’
    • ‘Razing a plot to the ground with a bulldozer not only destroys all the wildlife and plants, but also encourages subsequent pollution with alien invasive plants.’
    • ‘Trees crashed to the ground, bulldozers were called in to clear the damage.’
    • ‘Most of the work on these projects is done by men in bulldozers and engineers in front of computer screens.’
    • ‘As they drive through the countryside, Evan and Zora pass a construction site where a bulldozer busily moves dirt around.’
    • ‘The end is nigh for the Savoy in Broad Green as the bulldozers prepare to demolish the 1930s cinema to make way for a new housing development.’
    • ‘Outside the front door, a bulldozer is clearing up the mess caused when a heavily laden lorry crashed into the wall and gatepost.’
    • ‘In the architectural analogy, we can think of bulldozers as the ground clearing tools of demolition.’
    1. 1.1 A person or group exercising irresistible power, especially in disposing of obstacles or opposition.
      ‘he was a political bulldozer’
      ‘as president of the board, she was an insufferable bulldozer’
      • ‘We trust that you will listen to what your public are saying and that you will respect that the people saying these things are well placed to do so and are sick of their opinions being run over by the political bulldozer that is supposed to serve them.’
      • ‘He admits he was a ‘bulldozer’ when it came to business, meeting every challenge that came head on and hard.’
      • ‘Taking a pass from centre James Evans, the human bulldozer, crashed through three tackles on his way to the line after 44 minutes.’
      • ‘Jacques Chirac is a bulldozer, one of the President's political friends told the Wall Street Journal recently.’