Definition of bull trout in US English:

bull trout


  • A North American trout that resembles the Dolly Varden, found in cold rivers and lakes.

    Salvelinus confluentus, family Salmonidae

    • ‘Similarly, contact between bull trout and northern-form Dolly Varden raises the possibilities of hybridization and competition.’
    • ‘Silver Bow Creek, once a spawning ground for huge bull trout, was an open industrial sewer.’
    • ‘Somebody should ask the grizzlies and bull trout.’
    • ‘For all such criteria, the five ‘unknown’ specimens in this study exhibited values consistent with bull trout rather than Dolly Varden.’
    • ‘These projects have restored habitat for bull trout, bald eagles, grizzly bears, gray wolves, and many other species.’
    • ‘This in turn could possibly affect the red band trout and the threatened bull trout.’
    • ‘We do know that lynx, grizzlies, wolves, bald eagles, and bull trout all live in that area.’
    • ‘A mile or so of the road had been washed out by a flood in 1995, and the agency had decided to keep it closed, saying that construction would hasten erosion and threaten the river's dwindling population of bull trout.’
    • ‘In tributaries feeding the lake, brook trout competed with young bull trout for food and in the lake, lake trout preyed on bull trout.’
    • ‘There is a need for widespread research and characterization of chars in this area to establish the true range of both bull trout and Dolly Varden.’
    • ‘While rainbows (and native Yellowstone cutthroat trout) are most susceptible to fatal whirling disease infection, brown trout and Montana's native westslope cutthroat trout, bull trout, and Arctic grayling are less so.’
    • ‘So does that of the bull trout that spawn and rear their young in the region's Rock Creek - a waterway off the Clark Fork River that may be one of the best places for this fish, listed as threatened, to recover.’
    • ‘Logging above these rugged, steep and already denuded streams won't benefit the protected critical habitat of the bull trout.’
    • ‘It is suspected that debris has entered the Perry River - a fish-bearing river that is home to bull trout, which the Forest Practices Code of B.C. identifies as a ‘species at risk’.’
    • ‘This would protect approximately 7 miles of habitat for the bull trout.’
    • ‘Co-occurrence of Dolly Varden and bull trout in the same drainages, as well as strict sympatry, has been noted in northwestern British Columbia.’
    • ‘In summer, nothing beats fly-fishing the Elk River for cutthroat and bull trout.’
    • ‘In the Coastal-Puget Sound areas, Dolly Varden occupy the same habitat as bull trout and are so similar that the two species cannot easily be told apart in the field.’
    • ‘The previously listed bull trout populations inhabit the Klamath, Columbia, and Jarbidge River systems.’
    • ‘In one restored creek, bull trout returned to spawn the first year after the habitat restoration was accomplished!’


bull trout

/bo͝ol trout/