Definition of bull shark in US English:

bull shark


  • A large, stout-bodied aggressive shark. Its widespread distribution, its habits of feeding close to shore, and its tendency to venture far into estuaries and rivers makes it a species particularly dangerous to humans.

    Carcharhinus leucas, family Carcharhinidae

    • ‘His own obsession began when he was a boy and saw a huge bull shark brought ashore on the Miami Beach docks, still breathing.’
    • ‘One stray bull shark was even found in the Mississippi River all the way up to Illinois.’
    • ‘However, none of the tagged bull sharks in the nearby Caloosahatchee River left before or during the storm.’
    • ‘The film wraps with tense footage of a catch-and-release night hunt for a seven-foot bull shark.’
    • ‘It's a large bull shark, one of the most charismatic sharks in the sea, all power and assurance.’
    • ‘And, during the peak of the season, big fish such as tarpon and bull sharks occasionally are hooked.’
    • ‘Three types of sharks are common in the area: the sand tiger shark, bull shark and scalloped hammerhead.’
    • ‘Fishing off the tip of Turtle Point reef I had a big bull shark of some ten feet turn up.’
    • ‘Once you've seen a bull shark, you'll never forget it.’
    • ‘The tiny crew worked with a local shark expert, who introduced the team to a population of mostly gray reef sharks and a few bull sharks that were used to divers.’
    • ‘These people say the real culprit behind many of the reported incidents - including the famous 1916 shark attacks in New Jersey that may have served as inspiration for Jaws - may be the lesser known bull shark.’
    • ‘He's been fitting crittercams on sharks since 1997, first on tiger sharks in Australia and more recently on bull sharks and hammerheads in Florida.’
    • ‘I want to be a bull shark; they can survive in both fresh and salt water.’
    • ‘Growing to about 12 feet, bull sharks inhabit the east coasts of the Americas and are known to swim many miles up rivers.’
    • ‘A friend and I were plucking spiny lobsters from a reef not far off the coast of Pompano Beach, Fla., when a mature bull shark idled entirely too close.’
    • ‘Of the 350-odd species of sharks, there may be three that have been implicated regularly in attacks on people, and they are the white shark, the tiger shark and the bull shark.’
    • ‘Deciding that he was going to go swimming with wild dolphins, he jumped into the middle of a school of aggressive, seven-foot bull sharks, one of which bit him in the foot.’
    • ‘To dive off Hartlepool in January wearing only a short-sleeved T-shirt was a remarkable experience, despite the fire coral and the bull sharks.’
    • ‘Typically, these attacks involve tiger, great white, gray reef, and bull sharks.’
    • ‘‘We already got four tiger sharks up to 690 pounds, one 529-pound hammerhead and a 323-pound bull shark,’ said Chaney.’