Definition of bull kelp in US English:

bull kelp


  • A very large brown seaweed found in Pacific and Antarctic waters, growing up to 165 feet (50 m) in length off the northwestern coasts of North America.

    Nereocystis and other genera, class Phaeophyceae

    • ‘From many beaches in B.C. you can see large beds of bull kelp just off shore.’
    • ‘There are a lot of boats and visibility is poor, there's bull kelp in summer and red jellyfish in the fall.’
    • ‘Taking her chances in the powerful, nutrient-rich coastal currents of British Columbia, she enjoys an exhilarating sweep through a world of metre-wide starfish, titanic octopuses and giant bull kelp.’
    • ‘Herring that spawn along Cherry Point are unique in their use of bull kelp as a spawning surface.’
    • ‘In contrast, a bull kelp plant has only one pneumatocyst that supports several blades near the water's surface.’
    • ‘More importantly, bull kelp provides important nursery habitat for fish, giving them a safe place in which they can feed and grow before dispersing to other habitats.’
    • ‘The ‘canopy’ of the kelp forest is visible from the sea surface and is made up of the bulbs and fronds of bull kelp and giant kelp.’
    • ‘Along the central California coast where the distributions of these two species overlap, giant kelp outcompetes bull kelp for light.’
    • ‘Add finely shredded bull kelp and simmer for 15 minutes.’
    • ‘On the beaches he noted black duck, grey and chestnut teal, black currawongs, blue wrens and waders feeding among bull kelp where kelp flies bred, their maggots the staple diet along the exposed coastline.’
    • ‘The mineral content of bull kelp leaves is as high as 50%, and contains all the necessary trace elements.’
    • ‘One of the gases found in the float of bull kelp is carbon monoxide, a wicked poison.’
    • ‘Underwater, a cable-like formation known as a ‘holdfast’ anchors the bull kelp to rocks.’