Definition of bulgogi in US English:



  • A Korean dish of thin beef slices marinated and grilled on a barbecue.

    • ‘The restaurant was thoroughly recommendable: we enjoyed potstickers, pork bulgogi, the beef noodle dish called jap chae, and a beef soup called yuk gae jang.’
    • ‘I really liked the sweet and tender bulgogi, in which slices of pork are cooked in a sweet and nutty sauce until they become sticky little slices of potently flavored, irresistible barbecue.’
    • ‘If your Korean experience is limited to BBQ beef bulgogi and a shot of soju in the Koreatown part of your city, then you could probably use a few pointers before a trip to Seoul.’
    • ‘Shared dishes to look for include bulgogi and shabu, noodle soups containing a choice of ingredients from octopus to black goat.’
    • ‘You can skip the rice and just eat the bulgogi, if you're so inclined.’