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  • 1The growth, development, or expansion of something.

    ‘the rapid buildout of digital technology’
    • ‘Traditional methods of extending geographic reach through physical infrastructure buildout have failed, particularly in the broadband space - leaving service providers and their customers with nowhere to go.’
    • ‘National governments sucked over £63b out of the telecom operators, money which was crucial to finance network buildout and handset development.’
    • ‘The lines allow managers to place voice calls and swap data, as they plan and execute the daily buildout.’
    • ‘And in a couple of years, we will see the benefits of the massive infrastructure buildout of the past five years.’
    • ‘The problem, of course, is that this vision of the future automobile depends on the buildout of a fully functional, wide-area network of third-generation wireless technology.’
    • ‘The buildout of mobile networks can be delayed and even flawed due to insufficient construction management skills and lack of coordination among vendors and project rollout organisations.’
    • ‘It reduces the time, labor and capital required to increase capacity, provides a metric to suggest the best locations for new sites, and preserves capital expenditures for coverage buildout.’
    • ‘It'll take about five or six years to complete the buildout of the voice, video and data network, he said.’
    • ‘I certainly don't mind having starstruck investors pay for the buildout of infrastructure that will provide many benefits to many, many people, including myself.’
    • ‘One interesting development in the Indian telecoms market is the range of players getting involved in infrastructure buildout, such as railway and power companies.’
    • ‘Projecting some excess power as light during lunar day to an Earth-based solar array probably wouldn't be worth much, but adding video to an existing lunar solar power broadcast buildout might enhance it.’
    • ‘The ability to replace manual device configuration practices with automated ones is critical, as ISPs make the transition from infrastructure buildout to profitable operation.’
    • ‘A holistic, or hybrid, approach to wireless network buildout can mean the difference between success and failure.’
    • ‘Service providers that develop business cases for buildout of new metro-optical networks and execute effectively improve their odds of surviving the current market environment.’
    • ‘The benefit is that competition remains at the service end, and efforts aren't wasted duplicating the same technology buildout on the backend.’
    • ‘When implemented, the RF buildout serves as the bricks and the executed network buildout becomes the mortar supporting the structure.’
    • ‘In August, China Unicom completed the second of three phases in its network buildout, giving it the world's largest VOIP network.’
    • ‘Economists have come to realize that the U.S. high-tech binge in 1999 and 2000 was an anomaly, driven by Y2K fears, euphoria over the possibilities of fiber optics, and a rapid buildout of the Internet.’
    • ‘A lot of the fiber buildout in Europe is to accommodate the growth of DSL.’
    • ‘On average, customers are taking, or connecting, to 2.5 services, so the average cost of its network buildout, plus connections, is about $1,650.’
    expansion, development, progress, advance, advancement, headway, improvement, furtherance, extension, spread, escalation
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    1. 1.1 The state of maximum development as permitted by a plan or regulations.
      ‘Pueblo West will need a source for new water as the community approaches its buildout’
      • ‘In this way, the landowner can only achieve the maximum buildout by providing a mixture of uses.’
      • ‘The Simnuke Project is trying to raise money to fund the rest of the buildout.’
      • ‘In addition to standard issues like walls exceeding height limits, there is one significant problem that will continue through buildout: homes in the ‘Desert Country’ area are backwards.’
      • ‘The resort will be the heart of Summerlin Center, Summerlin's 400 acre downtown urban mixed use center, that at buildout will feature a regional retail center, Class A office buildings and mid-rise residential.’
    2. 1.2 The execution of a building or community development plan.
      ‘we are working on Phase I Engineering and don't know if we'll even get the buildout’
      • ‘The developer's part of the deal includes $120 million worth of mixed use development with an eight to 12-year buildout.’
      • ‘We were actively involved in the buildout all summer long.’
      • ‘The 31 st's arrival in 1994 more than doubled the base population, setting in motion a buildout that NATO had never seen before, and one that was sputtering by 1997.’