Definition of builder in English:



  • 1A person who constructs something by putting parts or material together over a period of time.

    ‘a boat builder’
    • ‘Use of uranium in nuclear power plants produces plutonium, and that is a key material of choice of nuclear weapons builders.’
    • ‘Addison was part of a team of engineers and road builders working on a major road between the southern city of Kandahar and the western city of Herat.’
    • ‘An online site builder creates a web site with web forms over the Internet.’
    • ‘We are now able to send our international customers to a viable, well-known computer builder in the UK.’
    • ‘Most hand-made boat builders specialize in one type of boat with smaller types of boats being most common due to the space needed to construct the larger vessels.’
    • ‘Engineers and road builders rely on water to assist in consolidating roadworks.’
    • ‘For the most part you have suggested that there is no fix outside of a frame builder building up new material and then reaming it back out.’
    • ‘The network was constructed by wireless network builder Cityspace and wireless equipment vendor BelAir Networks.’
    • ‘He subsequently returned to the town in 1951 where he met Donie Aldritt, son of original plane builders.’
    • ‘They were soldiers, Indian fighters and railroad builders and managed the development of the Western country.’
    designer, planner, maker, constructor, deviser, contriver, establisher, creator, fabricator, architect
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    1. 1.1 A person whose job is to construct or repair houses, or to contract for their construction and repair.
      • ‘The stone seller will give advice and the builder or tiler who lays your flooring will quite often know very little about the product.’
      • ‘Using local builders, the houses were built by the provincial department of housing under the People's Housing Process.’
      • ‘I am renovating our house at the moment and my builder is enjoying the building ideas as much as I do!’
      • ‘My concern is a high repair bill if my builder says it is out of the one-year warranty.’
      • ‘Since you are buying a brand new home, the builder should take responsibility for this repair.’
      • ‘After getting a construction estimate from a builder, we decided to save money by having me act as the general contractor.’
      • ‘Discuss the house plans with your builder, and make sure each of these spaces is insulated to the recommended R-values.’
      • ‘Handel's peace was soon disrupted by builders, plasterers and masons.’
      • ‘Fitzpatrick denied that higher house prices were in builders ' interests and said his members wanted to promote price stability.’
      • ‘Can we legally refuse the cash and insist that the builder perform the repairs?’
      • ‘If the house is finished late, the builder pays the interest on the construction loan that the buyers are paying.’
      • ‘She plans to add an additional extension to the front of the house before the builders pack up and leave.’
      • ‘He told the court his house had been flooded and builders who made repairs while he was working away had left the keys at the King's Head for him to collect.’
      • ‘Traditional builders use adobe blocks made from a mix of clay-rich soil, sand, straw and water.’
      • ‘A baker knows when a loaf of bread is done and a builder knows when a house is finished.’
      • ‘At some point many homeowners want a home designed just the way they want it, not some house from a cookie cutter builder.’
      • ‘It's like a builder selling you a house and charging extra to put locks on the doors.’
      • ‘Supervising the bidding, helping to select a builder and monitoring construction also demand time.’
      • ‘It's like providing the bricks but supplying no builders and expecting the house to build itself.’
      • ‘Most new homes are covered by NHBC insurance for a decade, which ensures that any major difficulties with the house will have to be repaired by the builders.’
      construction worker, labourer, ganger, craftsman, bricklayer
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    2. 1.2usually in combination A person or thing that creates or develops a particular thing.
      ‘breaking the record was a real confidence builder’
      • ‘After all, this trip was billed as another confidence builder between the two leaders.’
      • ‘For some it's a confidence builder after difficult life events, for others it's to feel proud of themselves.’
      • ‘He was also a master consensus builder, rarely suffering a dissenting vote on the Fed board, an achievement that projected a powerful sense of certainty.’
      • ‘‘It was brilliant to be back on stage and a good confidence builder,’ she said.’
      • ‘It had to be a confidence builder for Brewster, but he deserves stronger competition to put him back in the heavyweight picture.’
      • ‘Initially, Lee's job proves to be just the confidence builder she needs.’
      • ‘The importance of the individual as the builder of democracy has to be recognized.’
      • ‘But I soon realized it had been a great learning experience and a major confidence builder.’
      • ‘Seeing other women perform well is a great confidence builder, too!’
      • ‘It can be a real character builder, confidence booster and point of pride when swimmers do crazy things in practice and succeed.’
      • ‘Nemo will be looking for revenge, but it cuts both ways as it is a powerful confidence builder to have beaten the Cork side at the same venue two years ago.’
      • ‘The Americans, struggling so far in the tournament, needed a confidence builder to loosen up before the quarter-finals.’
      • ‘This was a huge confidence builder for young leaders and soldiers.’
      • ‘It is a community builder and helps to bring people together in friendship so for that reason it is most important to keep it going in this Parish of which we are all proud.’
      • ‘From customer safety to environmental sustainability, corporate philanthropy to community involvement, technological innovation to distribution channel management; taking solid positions on issues that impact business is a tremendous reputation builder.’
      • ‘We don't expect illumination to be a systemic confidence builder.’
      • ‘Phase one was a confidence builder that didn't do much damage save for the loss of a Defense Zone.’
      • ‘Failing to spike the ball and then taking a sack was a not a confidence builder for the club.’
      designer, planner, architect, producer, fabricator, developer, creator
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