Definition of bug juice in US English:

bug juice


  • 1Whiskey or other liquor, especially when of poor quality.

    • ‘Jim Broadbent is the bellowing RHPS training sergeant and Hugh Laurie the preening wing commander Gutsy, who likes his bug juice shaken not stirred.’
    • ‘As the barkeeper produced a tumbler and a bottle he said, "You'll have three fingers of this bug juice and YOU'LL LOVE IT."’
    • ‘The pallet of mail, or bug juice, or whatever it was, made it safely to its destination in the bright, southwest Asian sun the next day.’
  • 2A sweet, artificially colored, non-carbonated soft drink.

    • ‘The mosquitoes, the swim races, the friendships, the bug juice, the postcards home.’
    • ‘Summer camp season is upon us, and while bug juice isn't peculiar to summer camp, those of us who attended them have strong memories about this concoction, although not all of them are positive.’
    • ‘Remember bug juice, lumpy mattresses and letters home that began, ‘Dear Mom, come get me right now’?’
    • ‘And you thought bug juice was just a sweet drink to have a summer camp!’
    • ‘Hot dogs and bug juice may be necessary to sustain life, but physical comforts are an essential ingredient to sustain emotional health.’