Definition of buffalo berry in US English:

buffalo berry


  • 1A North American shrub with silvery twigs and leaves and edible berries.

    Genus Shepherdia, family Elaeagnaceae: two species, the western silver buffalo berry (S. argentea), with bright red berries, and the northern Canada buffalo berry (S. canadensis), with reddish or yellow berries

    See also soapberry
    • ‘He cites references back to 1841 that state that buffalo berry was widely grown.’
    • ‘As natives to the Great Plains of the U.S., buffalo berries are berry winter hardy and drought tolerant.’
    • ‘When the buffalo berries bloomed we knew that the buffalo bulls were leaving their winter grounds for the summer range.’
    • ‘Specific pigments could be obtained by the various plants: Red was obtained from red osier dogwood, alder bark, buffalo berries, squaw currants, viburnum drupes, wild plum fruits, or bloodroot.’
    • ‘In the West, buffalo berries or bull berries, chokecherries, currants and elderberries prevail.’
    1. 1.1 The berry of the buffalo berry shrub.
      • ‘Seed pemmican had the addition of wild cherries, saskatoon or buffalo berries added to the meat and fat mixture.’
      • ‘Summer is the season for wild berries - juneberries, chokecherries, plums, buffalo berries and, now that I've moved to the eastern part of the state, blueberries.’
      • ‘Some examples of berries that grizzly bears like include buffalo berries, blueberries, huckleberries, cranberries, saskatoons and crowberries.’
      • ‘Shepherdia berries, otherwise known as buffalo berries, are not ripe in the valley yet.’
      • ‘Great quantities also of wild fruit of different kinds are dried and laid away in store for the winter season, such as buffalo berries, service berries, strawberries, and wild plume.’