Definition of budgetary in US English:



  • Relating to or in accordance with an estimate of income and expenditure.

    ‘tight budgetary constraints’
    ‘a coalition to prevent budgetary cuts to schools’
    • ‘Despite its obvious budgetary deficiencies, this version of the Lewis classic is an effort worth seeing.’
    • ‘This process began by translating user needs into the budgetary framework.’
    • ‘He realized that audiences want budgetary excess coupled with simplistic romance more than highly personal films of emotional strength.’
    • ‘Decisions were made based on budgetary concern or expediency.’
    • ‘Such concepts apply to architecture across the budgetary spectrum, from the low end to the highbrow.’
    • ‘However, largely for budgetary reasons, the project collapsed.’
    • ‘The imposition of such budgetary measures often constitutes a departure from existing college budget policies.’
    • ‘I'm certain the budgetary restraints forced the use of such footage instead of shooting all the flight scenes themselves.’
    • ‘For a first-time effort on this budgetary scale, I could not have asked for more.’
    • ‘Any self-respecting artistic director will demand the right to rethink budgetary priorities.’