Definition of Buddhist in US English:



  • An adherent of the religion based on the teachings of Buddha.

    ‘she was a practicing Buddhist’
    ‘devout Buddhists participate in the ceremonies’
    • ‘Forty percent of all Buddhists in the United States live in California.’
    • ‘Like the Buddhists, he accepted a vow of poverty.’
    • ‘Although I am a lay Buddhist, I believe that the best thing in life is to be ordained.’
    • ‘These monks are practicing Buddhists in exile from their homeland.’
    • ‘As he was a Buddhist, the wisdom side of him supported my decision, while the attachment side bemoaned it.’


  • Relating to the religion based on the teachings of Buddha.

    ‘the retiring Buddhist abbot’
    ‘a huge Buddhist altar’
    • ‘The art with an unexpectedly spiritual or even Buddhist tone is often the strongest.’
    • ‘He did not steep his Buddhist imagery in irony.’
    • ‘By embracing the past, contemporary Buddhist art helps center us in the present.’
    • ‘The engineer found inspiration in the tall, thin wooden Buddhist pagodas of Japan.’
    • ‘Any walkabout through these galleries will also turn up Buddhist influences.’
    • ‘The exhibits include some of the finest Buddhist ceramics.’
    • ‘Among the thousands of faces painted in the Buddhist cave temples of western China, there are some distinctly non-Chinese features.’
    • ‘This exhibit goes for the Buddhist steeliness of inner peace.’
    • ‘The work's impermanence epitomizes the Buddhist view of life's transitory nature.’
    • ‘The school is intended to blend a modern academic education with local Buddhist culture.’