Definition of bucksaw in US English:



  • A type of saw typically set in an H-shaped frame and used with both hands.

    • ‘When men were transported up into the area with bucksaws they had to stop at a gate before entering the Nepisiguit River area.’
    • ‘The building industry has come a long way since the time when auger drills and two-man bucksaws ruled the job site.’
    • ‘Relief came with the newer bucksaws but it wasn't until most of Hickey's wood-cutting days were over that the power saw, which we take for granted, became a tool of the trade.’
    • ‘A century ago these hills echoed with the rasping sounds of bucksaws, as loggers harvested millions of redwoods and Douglas fir to feed the housing needs of a growing country.’
    • ‘A Life-Time Warranty backs all Trail Blazer's collapsible bucksaws with replaceable wood, bone and metal blades.’
    • ‘‘Nong Pastor’ was amazing, he used handmade bucksaws and block planes, - power tools were nonexistent.’
    • ‘This was done wholly by man power with a bucksaw and saw horse.’
    • ‘Improved mechanical delimbing devices, bucksaws, and sawheads have reduced an already limited exposure to manual chain saw felling and delimbing on most mechanized operations.’
    • ‘Barns and buildings were made by laboriously cutting huge trees with bucksaws and taking them to the sawyer with horse and wagon to be sawed into lumber.’
    • ‘Wood tools dangle from the headboards: a four-inch-long ax, a two-inch pulphook, and a four-inch iron frame bucksaw rest on the drag dray.’
    • ‘I like bucksaws better than pruners since for me they seem to cut faster than anything but a real chain saw.’
    • ‘The move from bucksaws and horses to tractors and tractor sleighs took place in the late 1940s and meant a real change for the logging industry.’
    • ‘This invention is a woodcutting saw, or bucksaw, which is collapsible and foldable into a compact portable unit.’
    • ‘In the thirties and forties, Long Trail lodges were equipped with good stoves, bucksaws for felling trees, and axes for cutting kindling.’
    • ‘Saturday morning we split the group into two teams, gathered up our chainsaws, gas and oil, clippers, bucksaws and the like and headed out.’
    • ‘Notches in the sides of big old stumps scattered here and there remind us today of the labouring woodsmen with bucksaws, and the wide shoes of workhorses attest to the method of delivery to the mill.’
    • ‘He would spend the next month or two cutting them into stove lengths with his metal frame bucksaw.’
    • ‘Lumberjacks cut timber using bucksaws and similar tools until the mid-1950s when the use of chainsaws became widespread. 12 or 16 foot logs were pulled out using ‘teams’ of horses.’
    • ‘Most of them didn't believe in modern machinery, so they had to laboriously cut their firewood with bucksaws.’
    • ‘The Philadelphia rests in an upright position with cases of canned goods, bucksaws, hardware and coal lying in the cargo holds.’