Definition of buckle bunny in US English:

buckle bunny


  • A woman who is a follower or devotee of rodeos and cowboys.

    • ‘Maybe you can find some buckle bunnies for the boys.’
    • ‘A few weeks ago my neighbor mentioned a spot that was crawling with buckle bunnies. I questioned her about it and she said they can usually be found outside the bar at the Consort Hotel.’
    • ‘The rodeo cannot be used in the service of family values, the cowboys are surrounded by groupies or ‘buckle bunnies’, and they sentimentalize the family they abandoned for their peripatetic lifestyle on the road.’
    • ‘Some of the perks of being a buckle bunny include free rodeo passes, sitting behind the chutes and the wild rodeo after-parties.’
    • ‘In Yuma this afternoon the pickings are slim. There is only a handful of buckle bunnies and they are already paired off with the winners.’