Definition of bubo in US English:



  • A swollen inflamed lymph node in the armpit or groin.

    • ‘‘The most obvious symptom is the swelling of the lymphatic glands nearest the point of the infected bite or skin lesion into large, hard and painful tumours called buboes,’ said the WHO on its website.’
    • ‘The symptoms of plague were swollen lymph nodes in the armpits and groin known as buboes, hence Bubonic Plague, and death followed within hours or a few days at the most.’
    • ‘These buboes were very painful to the sufferer.’
    • ‘Bubonic plague is characterized by painful, swollen lymph nodes called buboes that are often hot to the touch.’
    • ‘The bubonic plague typically presents two to eight days after exposure, with sudden onset of fever, chills, weakness, and acutely swollen lymph nodes called buboes (usually in the groin, axilla, or cervical regions).’


Late Middle English: from Latin, from Greek boubōn ‘groin or swelling in the groin’.