Definition of bubbly in US English:


adjectivebubblier, bubbliest

  • 1Containing bubbles.

    ‘bake until the top is crisp and bubbly’
    • ‘Howard poured a generous measure of Radox into the bath, and watched it slowly turn the water green and bubbly.’
    • ‘So I whirled this in the mixing bowl and placed in a greased baking dish and slid that bad boy in a 350 degree oven until it was bubbly and slightly browned on the top.’
    • ‘Now I was in the mood for a chilled, fizzy, bubbly, brown and wet drink.’
    • ‘Even if you'd rather be soaking in a bubbly bath, we have awesome ideas for presents that will have your personality stamped on them beside the bow.’
    • ‘I'm just asking if you want a refreshing bubbly beverage.’
    • ‘Actually my recollection of the whole night is a bit fuzzy as we had shared a magnum of the fizzy bubbly stuff before even leaving Tamsin's flat.’
    • ‘So I've just spent an hour in the bath wallowing in bubbly stuff, salts, scrubs, my expensive shampoo and conditioner, and it was wonderful.’
    • ‘Perhaps they preferred bubbly drinks to soap bubbles.’
    • ‘After they wove through the crowd, he continued to be a gentleman and handed her a champagne flute filled with a sparkling, bubbly liquid.’
    • ‘Bake until top is browned and cheese bubbly, 20 to 30 minutes.’
    • ‘Apparently, some water actually does come right out of the ground all bubbly.’
    • ‘I re-grouted the bathtub by myself, without even chipping my perfect manicure, before enjoying a long, scented soak using loads of gels, oils, bath salts and other bubbly items.’
    • ‘A connoisseur would shun the very notion of ‘spoiling’ this fragrant and bubbly brew by adding milk or sugar to it.’
    • ‘The result is a bubbly appearance of the carbon/polymer films in the c-TEM micrographs.’
    • ‘When you see small bubbles beginning to form, start adding the same amount of flour and water once a day for the next two days, until the culture becomes very bubbly, possibly even foamy.’
    • ‘I did go shopping yesterday, so we have yogurts, fresh fruit, bubbly water, etc.’
    • ‘Or go with my favorite semisparkler: prosecco - dry and refreshing but not quite as bubbly as spumante.’
    sparkling, fizzy, carbonated, aerated, effervescent, gassy, frothy, foamy, bubbling
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  • 2(of a person) full of cheerful high spirits.

    ‘a bright and bubbly personality’
    • ‘A York mother has told how her normally bright and bubbly daughter had been left subdued, distressed and anxious following an attempted abduction.’
    • ‘The door burst open and the cheerful Mrs. Casing with her kind eyes and bubbly personality walked in holding a package in her hands.’
    • ‘A young, bubbly crowd, happy to hang around (the service is a bit slow) and mingle to the music coming out of a state of the art bar.’
    • ‘She was a very beautiful, vibrant, sociable, bubbly person.’
    • ‘When she awoke this morning, she was bubbly and cheerful.’
    • ‘When I first met her she was bubbly and vibrant and full of life.’
    • ‘He was a bright and bubbly character and an excellent brother to his two younger sisters.’
    • ‘I remember her coming in with her two children, but she did not seem her normal bubbly self.’
    • ‘‘It's absolutely paramount,’ she says, before giving another little insight into the discipline beneath the bubbly exterior.’
    • ‘She was bubbly, energetic, and had her way of doing things.’
    • ‘At school, of course, I was the same bright and bubbly person I always was.’
    • ‘The bright and bubbly child looked alert and happy, surrounded by members of her foster family.’
    • ‘Colette's natural bubbly personality and fighting spirit has been a help in her long battle with the deadly disease.’
    • ‘She was bubbly, kind and loving and lived life to the full.’
    • ‘Once she knew who I was she became the same cheerful and bubbly person she had been when we worked together in ‘Belle's.’’
    • ‘The bubbly Italian can speak six languages including Spanish, French, Russian, Greek, and English, and now wants to learn to try her hand at learning Irish.’
    • ‘When I got to the window, it suddenly became clear that the staff seemed much older and more downtrodden than the bubbly voice I heard.’
    • ‘She was a bright, bubbly individual, full of character.’
    • ‘Mrs Fort described her friend as ‘just a lovely, bubbly lady’, with a personality well suited to dealing with the difficulties presented by police work.’
    • ‘I never had the opportunity of knowing Martin because I am new to this Parish, but all who did know him regarded him as a friendly, outgoing, happy person with a bubbly personality.’
    vivacious, animated, ebullient, lively, full of life, spirited, high-spirited, scintillating, vibrant, zestful, energetic, dynamic
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  • Champagne.

    • ‘Only the Bombay bubbly, which is a match for most £5-7 Aussie sparklers, distinguishes itself.’
    • ‘Another Pinot Noir/ Chardonnay bubbly is the superb Graham Beck Brut MCC.’
    • ‘This uncomplicated Italian fizz is a bright, youthful, almost grapey bubbly with refreshing citrus fruit acidity and plenty of fruit.’
    • ‘Renowned as one of the city's most luxurious hotels, enjoy a glass or two of bubbly in its candlelit champagne bar, then stroll hand in hand through the world's most romantic city.’
    • ‘Prosecco, the light, appley crowd-pleasing bubbly of the Veneto region, is a step up from Spanish cava and an attractive value compared to champagne.’
    • ‘As part of the push for cash, the runners are urging sponsors to guess how long their epic journey will take, with a bottle of bubbly for the nearest guess.’
    • ‘All you have to do is recognize it and take a few steps to ensure that you are providing every opportunity for your customers to enjoy a glass of California bubbly.’
    • ‘A glass of Krug bubbly will set you back about $30.00, which can be accompanied by the head chef's delectable bar menu.’
    • ‘Turns out, sushi and bubbly were made for each other.’
    • ‘What a highly original way to introduce a campaign - a special vintage bubbly - Traffic Awareness Champagne!’
    • ‘This stunning, deep, ripe, fruity, toasty waxy vintage bubbly is a rare Easter treat.’
    • ‘Besides, says Oldman, a bottle of bubbly can make any meal seem like a celebration - and you don't have to worry about the vintage.’
    • ‘To celebrate, a bottle of bubbly will be provided to the couple following the ceremony.’
    • ‘So opt instead for this soft, ripe, musky, apricot-stashed classic Italian bubbly.’
    • ‘You can sample a pint or two at Two Poets Pub or sip bubbly at the Champagne Bar.’
    • ‘However, those blinded by love may feel that Pink Pink Fizz's ripe, lively, appley, inoffensive cava bubbly is not highbrow enough for their tastes, in which case champagne's the thing.’
    • ‘I shall be on the ground waiting with a bottle of bubbly for her.’
    • ‘The galleries linking the chambers, often piled high with bottles of maturing bubbly, are named after places where Madame Pommery sold large quantities of champagne.’
    • ‘A hundred bottles of bubbly will be given out at midnight.’
    • ‘We say go for the big French bubbly when the sun sets’
    champagne, sparkling wine
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