Definition of bubblegum in US English:



  • 1Chewing gum that can be blown into bubbles.

    • ‘He wants you to send him recordings of yourself popping bubblegum or chewing gum before May 1st.’
    • ‘It's so frustrating when you're watching a wonderfully directed film and the tension is mounting - and suddenly someone is trying to sell you bubblegum in the middle of it.’
    • ‘In the afternoons they were allowed to take a trip to the nearby country store - Bryant's Grocery and Meat Market - to buy sodas, sweets and bubblegum.’
    • ‘They also sell Jones soda, ultramodern pop that comes in grape, pineapple, blue bubblegum and green apple flavours.’
    • ‘When I was a kid it was run as a dry-goods store by a Mr. Rubenstein who always had a piece of sour apple super-bubble bubblegum for the kids.’
    • ‘This official Westlife cool and minty bubblegum packet held five big blue balls of bubblegum.’
    • ‘The Bubblegum Coins tasted like bubblegum, but they tasted like the worst bubblegum I've ever had.’
    • ‘No, what annoyed me was the young mother chewing on bubblegum and making popping noises with it.’
    • ‘The colour of the first successful bubblegum was pink because it was the only colour the inventor had left.’
    • ‘The product comes in flavours like bubblegum, piña colada and banana.’
    • ‘In another piece, a sculpture called Rebellion #1, the work is made entirely from bubblegum and chewing gum and creates a perfectly realised chicken ready for baking [albeit for small dinner party].’
    • ‘The syrup comes in kid-friendly flavors such as blue vanilla, orange cream, cotton candy, bubblegum and even peanut butter and jelly.’
    • ‘I always bought Big League Chew, a stringy pack of way too much pink bubblegum for any one kid and the perfect reason to take such a grave risk.’
    • ‘Then came Gum India, making bubblegum in a big way, till the bubble burst, when foreign players entered the market.’
    • ‘One portrait shows a girl lazily blowing bubblegum, her face as round as her pink gum balloon.’
    • ‘She popped a piece of pink bubblegum through her perfectly white teeth and then offered some to Jake.’
    • ‘I also asked him this: ‘If one stick of bubblegum costs a penny, how much would you pay for 1,000,000 sticks?’’
    • ‘They are chewing very big wads of bubblegum, their jaws shifting around it.’
    • ‘She kept on blowing her bubblegum, swallowed the bubble and blowed again.’
    • ‘You may have packed them off with boxes and bags full of nutritious goodness but can you ensure they weren't swapped for two bars of chocolate and a packet of bubblegum?’
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    1. 1.1 The bright pink color of bubblegum.
      as modifier ‘bubblegum capri pants’
      • ‘Canary yellow and bubblegum pink are the winning shades of the season and knee-length strappy dresses and casual linen trouser suits are the winsome styles.’
      • ‘The case went unsolved for sometime, until she busted out her diamond-studded gold magnifying glass and bubblegum pink Sherlock Holmes hat.’
      • ‘You can see the lip-print there in bubblegum pink glitter-gloss.’
      • ‘Their fashionable colors - lime green, baby blue, sunny yellow and bubblegum pink - virtually screamed ‘fun!’’
      • ‘It's not enough that millions of people breathlessly wait to hear which one of them likes Cheez-Its better than Ritz Bitz, and which one of them prefers bubblegum pink nail polish on their eeny-weeny wittle toes.’
      • ‘It has a range of super-trendy zipper jackets in hot, bubblegum pink.’
      • ‘The last four items were all lip glosses; she left them at my house all the time: cherry red, bubblegum pink, and two clear glosses that tasted like grapefruit.’
      • ‘She dreams of turning sixteen years old, so she can get a brand new bubblegum pink convertible with fuzzy leopard print seat covers and a matching cell phone.’
      • ‘‘Oh, hello sweetie,’ my mother greets me, her 6ft blonde beehive swaying ominously, and her bubblegum pink sweater cut too low to be legal.’
      • ‘She's had red hair, brown, black, bubblegum pink, blue, purple… Just about every color that you find in a crayon box that's stuffed with 50 different colors.’
      • ‘Only a handful of adventurous souls opt for bubblegum pink, orange and purple.’
      • ‘Scratching her left cheek with bubblegum pink nails, she asked, ‘So who was he?’’
      • ‘But in the reflection, he was sporting bubblegum pink manicured nails, and there was a heavy scent of lemon perfume in the air around him.’
      • ‘A small girl with short bubblegum pink hair and red eyes runs out from the bushes and to me, wringing her hands nervously, and muttering, ‘Oh, no, oh, no, this cannot be good.’’
      • ‘The scene is so L.A.: a line of red-tile roofs covering tidy stucco houses, most painted off-white or ochre, with an occasional pistachio green or bubblegum pink tossed in for fun.’
      • ‘A dazed Helen looks from the elderly woman at the bottom of the stairs to the top, where her sister Delia stands in her bubblegum pink maid of honor dress with a frowning face of disapproval.’
      • ‘Today, she's dressed head to toe in bubblegum pink, blinding white and jangling gold jewellery.’
      • ‘She was ridiculously dressed in a white nurse-like style dress with bubblegum pink lapels, pockets, and cuffs.’
      • ‘Tonks has pink hair, so I dyed my hair bubblegum pink.’
      • ‘The story is largely seen in flickering circles of light and specific scenes are tinted using intense bubblegum pink and steely blue.’
  • 2North American usually as modifier A thing considered to be insipid, simplistic, or adolescent in taste or style.

    ‘rockers hate bubblegum pop’
    • ‘Revisit the sound that lifted our spirits and bridged the gap between bubblegum pop and adult-oriented rock.’
    • ‘The wild popularity of teen idol-driven bubblegum will burst, giving way to a new wave of old-fashioned rock 'n' roll.’
    • ‘Whilst in Finley the group were exposed to a range of music from country and western to disco, rock ‘n’ roll, folk and bubblegum pop.’
    • ‘But what I really mean by pop is sugar-sweet, bubblegum pop.’
    • ‘The songs, as heard on disc one, wander into each other, one bit of bubblegum pop after another.’
    • ‘Whether Bhangra pop has developed into a musical genre of its own, borrowing both from Punjabi folk music and the bubblegum school of Western pop, will continue to be a matter for debate.’
    • ‘Although they describe themselves as ‘post-modern’ and ‘psychedelic country music,’ this is really just a bunch of kids playing bubblegum pop.’
    • ‘She is, though, a consummate pop role-player with a bubblegum voice and persona she can wrap around anything.’
    • ‘Stereotypical teenagers have heads crammed full of soap-operas and bubblegum pop, scorning politics and their parents in equal measure.’
    • ‘‘In the Zone’ is her third album and although not a total disaster, it is definitely not the bubblegum fluff her teenage fanbase expect from their pop princess.’
    • ‘I have something of a soft spot for early 1970s British bubblegum, and this is one of the best examples.’
    • ‘Each track is a perfect example of catchy, danceable bubblegum pop and Setzer restores each gem with the loving care and attention of an antique painting expert.’
    • ‘Glam rock has never sounded so appealing: forget the silly costumes, feel the bubblegum pop appeal.’
    • ‘Elvis Presley movies have a great deal in common with that ever-popular disposable youth culture invention: bubblegum pop.’
    • ‘The early '90s brought us grunge, there was the rise of hip-hop and rap, and the decade closed with a binge on bubblegum pop.’
    • ‘Admittedly, it was a perfectly toned bubblegum album, designed for maximum pop, but one that regretfully lost its taste after only a few listens.’
    • ‘I've yet to see a more peculiar mishmash of rock, soul, blues and bubblegum pop on one concert disc.’
    • ‘Some of these songs are as bubblegum and as playful as they come.’
    • ‘The group, named after the waitresses who served travelers in the American West from the late 19th to the mid 20th centuries along the AT&SF railways, combine the melodies of bubblegum pop with experimentation in sound.’
    • ‘While the local media is more than happy to glorify our emergent hip-hop scene they seem a little more troubled when it comes to dealing with a band who manage to balance indie with its supposed antithesis: bubblegum pop.’